“Fused” by Iommi

Artist: Iommi
Title: “Fused”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Tony Iommi is most certainly the Father of Metal Guitar and his work with Black Sabbath set in play a movement that rumbles across the recording industry to this very day. There is not a guitar player that I can think of who hasn’t been influenced by his contributions. Joined by singer Glenn Hughes, Iommi has released another solo CD entitled “Fused”. This is a solid Heavy Metal record and I was glad to find a number of catchy tunes on it that merited many repeat listens. I feared another Black Sabbath without it being a Black Sabbath release yet Iommi proves to the listener that while he originated a style he has built up and perfected this sound. Many of the riffs are signature Iommi but with Glenn Hughes very powerful voice and the rhythm section holding strong the music becomes far more than what you might expect. Beginning with “Dopamine” the song speaks of addictions as does “Wasted Again”; clearly defining the dangers that plague many. The tunes are great and filled with emotion.

“Deep Inside A Shell” was a surprise and can totally serve as the ballad of the disk. I never expected a ballad of Iommi and Hughes and this track works along with the other mid-tempo track “Grace”. Their fastest number is “What Are You Living For” and the most Sabbath inspired track is “The Spell”. All of this leads up to the epic “I Go Insane” which caps at over 9 minutes length. Iommi’s playing is superb in this one and Hughes is at his most melodic as I took it. The band is rounded out by Kenny Aranoff on drums (a mainstay in John Mellancamp music) that proves with this release he can rock as hard as anyone. Bass and keyboards are handled by Bob Marlette. Hughes also provided some bass on the recording. The last Iommi solo effort partnered him up with a number of different singers and while interesting would make touring the material arduous. Glenn Hughes is one of the best Rock singers around and also had some Black Sabbath experience to his credit.

With “Fused” there is a little something for everyone on the CD; it flows with Iommi’s signature guitar work but does not sound like a Sabbath clone. There are many who say that Sabbath should simply record without Ozzy and use a singer like Hughes or Dio and perhaps this as close as we as listeners will get to that for the interim. Black Sabbath fans might be interested in knowing that Iommi’s band mate Geezer Butler has also released a solo CD entitled “Omhwork” with his group GZR. Will the team record again under the Sabbath name is anyone’s guess. We can only hope.

Track Listing:
1. Dopamine
2. Wasted Again
3. Saviour Of The Real
4. Resolution Song
5. Grace
6. Deep Inside A Shell
7. What You’re Dying For
8. Face Your Fear
9. The Spell
10. I Go Insane

Official Web site: www.Iommi.com

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