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Funko Adds Metallica’s “Lady Justice” To Pop! Rocks Line

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Hey Collectors! Have I got some cool news for you but first I have to ask if you remember when I showcased the Funko Pop! Rocks collection featuring the mighty Metallica? If you don’t that is fine by me, just click HERE to see that post and also find some links to purchase points so you can secure them for your collection. Yesterday, the band Tweeted that Lady Justice, who stands on the cover of their “And Justice For All” album will be getting a Funko Pop! of her own. If you are a Metallica completist you’re going to want this for sure. Take a look at the tweet.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m psyched about this one because it also comes as a complete surprise to me. As some of you might remember, I attend the American International Toy Fair each year and I didn’t see this one on the display shelves of the new stuff coming out. They had the prototypes of Motley Crue of course which I’ve already discussed and have been available to the public for a few months. The latest Pop! will look good next to the rest of the Metallica crew and one can only wonder if a Cliff Burton or Jason Newsted edition will be coming down the pike anytime soon. What do you think of this issue? Will you be purchasing it? If you still need the Metallica ones I should mention that I’ve seen them in a few locations and they are on as well so don’t waste any time before they get vaulted.

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