“Funeral For Yesterday” by Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Title: “Funeral For Yesterday”
Label: X Of Infamy Records
Release Date: 2/20/2007
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

There is an old saying about not being able to keep a good man down and while it might seem rather sexist when applying this to the girls of Kittie – I feel that it is safe to use it when one considers the amount of up and down rollercoaster rides that they have experienced over the course of their twelve year career. Hitting the public hard with their debut “Spit” (1996) the band was often lumped into the Nu-Metal scene probably because of the way the riffs were done and with Morgan’s guttural Death Metal growls. Like many bands they would have some lineup and unfortunately record label changes but through it all the resolve of the Lander Sisters only grew stronger when any one of these occurrences might have found another band calling it a day. After replacing those who left they would proudly deliver their most accomplished album to date – “Funeral For Yesterday”. The album also comes to the world on the girls own label imprint Kiss of Infamy and it’s a further sign of their dedication to their fans that they had the willingness to approach such an endeavor. Kittie’s lineup is now solidified by a rocking couple of girls who we can enjoy on the recording and they are Tara McLeod (guitar) and Trish Doan (bass). Both of the girls seem a perfect fit to the talents of Morgan and Mercedes Lander.

Musically I have to say that I found the album to be a little deeper than any of their past material which I had been exposed to. I felt this was a pleasant thing as one likes to hear both musical growth and better depth of song writing when a band has been doing this for a few years. Had they released more of the same it could have been considered complacency, but when you hear the rocking opener “Funeral For Yesterday” you will find that it is a solid head banger and potentially awesome live tune. Morgan sings clean on most of the release but also makes room for her signature growls here and there. She is a busy girl when one considers that she is also jamming out on the guitar. I liked what Tara was doing on guitar as well and she seems to have a lot of skills in the area which makes her work out as a great choice for the band. Other favorites that I had were “Everything That Could Have Been”, but for some reason every time the chorus came on I kept mentally adding Death Vocals after Morgan’s clean ones. Maybe it would be a great fit, or maybe I was listening to too much Scar Symmetry before I dug into this one. I also liked the smooth interlude piece of “Sweet Destruction” and of course “Summer Dies” which follows it. As you can see I tended to lean on the tracks that used the cleaner singing this time around and I am finding I enjoy Kittie doing this a little more and hope that on their next album they keep this practice up. Trish holds a nice solid backbone for Mercedes who seems to be more experimental with her drumming on this one. There are fills and double bass runs as well as some tasty off time signature spots to dig into.

A DVD is included with the release and it shows an interview with the members on how they all got together and then features some photo shoot stuff and studio rehearsal and recording. It’s a nice inclusion since they had the footage to share and it makes a relatively rocking album all the more worthwhile to own. I am pretty sure that anyone who has ever enjoyed them would continue to do so with “Funeral For Yesterday” for it finds the band both growing musically and pressing on against often incredible odds. Metal is truly a scene that is about survival and Kittie doesn’t seem ready to give up yet. Go get ‘em ladies.

Track Listing:
1. Funeral For Yesterday
2. Breathe
3. Everything That Could Have Been
4. Slow Motion
5. Will To Live
6. Never Again
7. Sweet Destruction Interlude
8. Summer Dies
9. Flower Of Flesh And Blood
10. Around Your Heart
11. This Too Shall Pass
12. Last Goodbye
13. Witch Hunt
14. The Change

Official Website: www.kittierocks.com

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