“Fun” (Single) by Blondie

Artist: Blondie
Title: “Fun” (Single)
Label: BMG Music/Infectious Records
Release Date: 2/1/2017
Genre: Pop Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

Fans of the iconic New Wave band can breathe a sigh of relief at the unveiling of the first single from the band Blondie’s upcoming album “Pollinator” with the song “Fun” that was released a few short days ago. I’ve downloaded it and have been spinning it via Spotify for a couple of days in order to offer up a little bit of a viewpoint for you. Let’s examine the 2017 return of Debbie Harry and her talented crew of lifers and newer blood. Though the band had released a few things over the recent years I must admit that I didn’t follow the more Electronica themed stuff but really loved the 1999 single “Maria”. I was pretty hopeful for a return to that format.

Upon starting the track the listener is quickly aware that this one is a very “Pop” oriented and danceable track and a tune that should be able to find some success on the radio stations of the day (if they are playing bands like this instead of the constant Rap and R&B stuff that we find happening). Harry is sounding solid and one has to applaud this since she is now 71 years old and I am amazed at her ability to still want to rock out for her fans. She is in proper company of longtime songwriting partner Chris Stein and drummer Clem Burke and both play soundly on the tune but its kept low key for the most part. Rounding out the band are Thomas Kessler, Leigh Foxx and Matt Katz-Bohen. I didn’t love the tune but didn’t hate it either. I guess I just pine for the classic sound. The bands next album “Pollinator” will arrive in early May. Let’s see if another track gets promoted before then.

Track Listing:
1. Fun

Official Website: http://www.blondie.net

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