“Full Of Fire” by Listeria

Artist: Listeria
Title: “Full Of Fire”
Label: Lion Music
Release Date: 1/10/2006
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 3/5

Italy’s Power Metal purveyors deliver their tasty debut “Full Of Fire” courtesy of Lion Music, the one label that always aims to please the fans of this brand of Metal. With this album, we quickly find that Listeria is a band that has not only been influenced by the classic time in the genres history, but also manages to keep it going in today’s ever-changing music scene. What I mean by this is that there is a very “legacy” feel to most of the tracks that are on this release. As a result, some listeners will find it brings them back to a special time while others might find it dated and old. I admit that I enjoyed the feeling of being tossed back into the Metal eighties with this one, as they sure can play and really make you feel like this style has not gone the way of the Progressive and Death Metal future we find a lot in the scene nowadays. Tracks like “Emily” and “Shadow” are powerful numbers and have not only the type of chorus you find yourself singing along to, but also possess those classic ripping guitar leads that were so prevalent in the eighties Metal scene. While there is a lot of catchy riffs and lyrics across the board it’s also safe to say that there is really nothing new about the album that you have not heard a million times before. Yes, the group does sure give their all in the delivery and style and are to be commended for it. The members of the group are Vittorio Scotti-Witto (Lead Vocals), Luciano Toscani-Ciano (Lead/rhythm guitars and Backing vocals), Pierluigi Boschi-Gigio (Rhythm guitars), Angelo Di Gennaro-Hanjo (Bass), and Giancarlo Noto-Gian (Drums). Talented players all around who show great levels of skill on their instruments.

If you grew up listening to any of the early adventures that Metal offered you (Helloween, Lizzy Borden, Armored Saint and the like) then you will enjoy this group. If you require a little more in your Power Metal diet, then perhaps you should keep moving on this one. Running at a little over thirty minutes, it is not a totally bad way to spend a half an hour.

Track Listing:
1. Like Ali
2. Wolf Over 3D
3. Swim In The Mud
4. Emily
5. Shadow
6. Don’t Believe
7. Little Star
8. Delight
9. Action
10. Rock Is My DJ

Official Website: www.lionmusic.com
Official Website: http://www.listeriaband.com

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