Full Moon Studios’ “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich” Red Band Trailer

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In an effort to keep up with some of the important Horror franchises, I wanted to share the recently revealed trailer for Full Moon Studios “Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich”. I’ve never seen any of the preceding films and think that there are at least a half dozen of them so far. They even have comic books and toys which is why we’re posting. Oh yeah, this is a “Red Band Trailer” which means it pulls out all the stops and isn’t one that you would likely see on television. Take a look and watch down below your feet for these little buggers.

The Cast/Characters:
Thomas Lennon @ Edgar
Michael Paré @ Detective Brown
Charlyne Yi @ Nerissa
Udo Kier @ Andre Toulon
Barbara Crampton @ Carol Doreski
Nelson Franklin @ Markowitz
Matthias Hues @ Strommelson
Tina Parker @ Betsy
Jenny Pellicer @ Ashley
Kennedy Summers @ Goldie
Betsy Holt @ Nancy
Anne Beyer @ Hedwig Wagner
James Healy Jr. @ Tom Easton
Victoria Hande @ Candace
Stephen Brodie @ Jason Gottlieb
Alex Beh @ Howie
Skeeta Jenkins @ Cuddly Bear
Serafin Falcon @ Richard
Steve Stodghill @ Dutch Thorkill
David Burkhart @ Brian
Grace Montie @ Young Carol Doreski
David Slayter @ Hotel Guest
Andrew Wills @ Survivor #3
Amber Williams @ Princess
Mary Katherine O’Donnell @ Rachel Gottlieb
Mercedes Cool @ Hotel Guest
Deanne Lauvin @ Pregnant Woman
Chris Gardner @ Policeman #3
Laurie Guzda @ Suzanne Easton
Cameron Rostami @ Travis
John Walpole @ Sgt. Harrow
Ashley M. Kalfas @ Bar Patron
Chanse Tekell @ Hotel Guest
Alex Alford @ Awkward Teen
Daniel Mendoza @ Man 1
Daniel B. Davis @ Puppet Victim
Preston Fassel @ Man in Lobby
Shelley Kaehr @ Hotel Guest
Seth Canterbury @ Christian
Perry Hinson @ Bouncer
Jacob Scheer @ Hotel Guest
Mike Johnson @ Policeman 1 Walker
Hunter Boyd @ Survivor #1
Cristobal Lamas @ Pale Teen
John D. Pszyk @ Hezikiah Buckland
Jessie Hobson @ Bar Patron
Brady Wolchansky @ Hotel Guest (uncredited)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m not up on this franchise at all so you’ll have to fill me in o the ferocious fun. This one sure does look gory but that is what we get with the Red Band trailers after all.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puppet_Master_(franchise)#Films

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