“From Conception: Live 1981” by Dokken

Artist: Dokken
Title: “From Conception: Live 1981”
Label: Rhino Records
Release Date: 3/13/2007
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks to the folks at Rhino Records listeners that found their love of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the eighties will truly appreciate this one. As the music of “Live 1981 From Conception” by Dokken starts spinning in their CD player they are taken back in a time warp . The hard core Dokken fan will immediately raise their eyebrows knowing that the band would not be signed until a couple of years later and not release a live album until 1988’s “Beast From The East”. These are the facts that make such a release all the more special. In the liner notes by Don Dokken himself he states that as he searched through master tapes for music to be used on an anniversary edition of “Breaking The Chains”, he would come upon reels that simply said “Dokken Live”. These reels would have performances of the band that were recorded before they were signed as the group searched for a record deal, and believe me friends this is one terrific find. The set performed for this concert is loaded with vintage classics from the bands earliest years as well as a number of tracks that that would never actually make it onto the bands catalog of releases. For the most part these songs are a mystery even to the bands most devout supporters. Their presence alone makes the release something that the fans will really enjoy. As they perform, the listener will find a band that is both young, hungry and really showing just how capable they are of the success that will find them not too far in the future.

Six of the songs on the CD will find their way to the bands debut release “Breaking The Chains” and become part of this bands rich Melodic Hard Rock history. Don’s voice is in its prime and of course there are few guitar players like George Lynch during this period (he even does a solo which will satisfy those shredder listeners). The capable rhythm section of Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown hold it all together and despite the live setting present a tight, album like feel to the gig. The bands established numbers are great to be heard from this early point in their creation, and even today some twenty-six years later, “Breaking The Chains” is found to be one of the great Hard Rock tunes of all time. As far as the “undiscovered” tracks are concerned, well those are really good as well and the most impressive from their number is “Liar”. This powerful tune closes out the bands set and leaves the audience screaming for more. I can safely recommend this to the those who loved the band’s classic lineup as well as new fans that are only discovering this glorious decade in Hard Rock history. The music’s vintage and its presentation of missing tracks make this really worth the investment. It’s time to once again start “Rockin’ With Dokken”.

Note: 2007 finds Dokken still recording and touring with their original members Don Dokken and “Wild” Mick Brown, while Jon Levin and Barry Sparks handle the guitar and bass respectively.

Track Listing:
1. Paris Is Burning
2. Goin’ Down
3. In The Middle
4. Young Girls
5. Hit And Run
6. Night Rider
7. Guitar Solo
8. Live To Rock (Rock To Live)
9. Breaking The Chains
10. Liar

Official Website: www.dokken.net

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