From Autumn To Ashes @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (4/20/2007)

We were asked to cover the appearance of From Autumn To Ashes and Haste The Day and admittedly were not too up on the bands. We sadly missed a couple of the openers but documented the two main acts in words and photos. Those who wish to see more can scroll past the logo 🙂

Logo - From Autumn To Ashes

Artist: From Autumn To Ashes
Venue: Fillmore at Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Haste The Day
Date: 4/20/2007
Label: Vagrant Records

I have to start this piece by saying that the visceral cacophony that is the “Screamo” genre has never really been my cup of tea. While a fan of some of the most brutal Metalcore bands on the circuit, I still have to find something in this genre that gets me. This would make tonight’s performance of the bands From Autumn To Ashes and Haste The Day a little more difficult to observe as opposed to that which is Metal and more my forte. Tonight, the attending audience and their reactions to the goings on would be my best guide to formulate the words you are now reading. The gig would be at Irving Plaza which is now going by The Fillmore NY, and this would be my first time in the venue with the new name. As I walked in I was greeted with “Welcome to the Fillmore” and I admit that I was a tad surprised at this. I had no idea that a change in ownership had transpired, but better it remained a venue as opposed to something else. The two Metalcore acts would be a co-headliner and the openers for the event would be Maylene & the Sons Of Disaster, Alesana and Twelve Gauge Valentine.

Tonight I would only be interested in the performances of Haste The Day and From Autumn To Ashes and oddly enough the gig would find both bands in support of new releases on their labels. “Holding A Wolf By The Ears” comes from FATA on Vagrant Records while “Pressure The Hinges” comes care of Solid State Records for Haste The Day. I was not sure what to expect in terms of the music and the crowd but when I walked in I was immediately aware of the wide age difference between much of the audience and myself. The entire main floor of the stage looked like a High School assembly and you had the Screamo Youth and Pseudo-Punks mixed in with some slightly Metalized Goths and this was interesting since there were so many different aspects of the genre represented. Usually the observation is one extreme with a little of some others but seldom equal mixes. My arrival was also timed perfectly as Haste The Day was just going to hit the stage and I admit that they do this with a level of energy that is to be applauded. The band is actually a Christian group and this surprised me as my only experience with Christian music until now had been the eighties Metal sensation Stryper. The singer of the band blasts out the vocals with such abandon that I cannot properly gauge if the lyrical content was citing the Lord’s work but I did notice that they were reaching their audience. Apparently the age-difference did not make them hesitant to be crowd-surfing and launching into the security in the photo pit in front of the stage. There was a lot of this happening and you know the show is generating some energy when they are making the crowd propel about in such fashion. I snared the set list from the guys and while I found them doing twelve numbers this style simply flows too much along the same line for me to differentiate what is happening. Either way, those who were aware and schooled in the format seemed to be digging it.

When From Autumn To Ashes came on this was for me a lot of the same thing that I had just heard and I don’t mean this to be disparaging by any extent. Screamo is that brand of Metalcore that has chosen to stay more along the lines of Hard Core as opposed to experimenting more with the melody and music. It’s brutal and as I mentioned earlier visceral but for many this also sounds very repetitive and to the unfamiliar the repetition can be thought of as stale. The group was also energetic and seemed to have the audience at their very beck and call but it was just not doing it for me. I remembered feeling a chill when I spoke to some of the audience attendees who lauded how amazing and incredible the group was. The chill came from my not seeing what they were seeing and feeling my age as I recall similar interactions with my own Parents on the discussion of music and my views their own. I should have seen this coming eventually. So while this was an interesting night to observe I had to say that it really didn’t do anything for me and perhaps this is the kind of music that I am just not cut out for. FATA does have a level of appeal with their following and it was exciting to watch their reactions whether I liked it or not. I was not able to secure an image of their set list which I found unfortunate since it would have given me the chance to investigate them a little deeper going forward. One can assume that material from their new release was the showcased set. The band actually hails from Long Island so it’s always nice to see the locals generating that kind of vibe. Heavy music is proving to have a genre specific for every age group and tonight was a great example of this. The younger fans were out in force for this and how much better that was to see than something ridiculous like Bowling For Soup or Good Charlotte. Look into these two groups if you find yourself needing the levels of intensity that they offer as I think you will be pleased if this is what affects you most.

Haste The Day Set List:
1. Intro
2. Blue 42
3. Walk On
4. Fallen
5. Walls
6. Pressure
7. Needles
8. Long Way
9. Minor Profit
10. Stitches
11. American
12. When Everything

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