“For Those Who Have Heart” by A Day To Remember

Artist: A Day To Remember
Title: “For Those Who Have Heart”
Label: Victory Records
Release Date: January 23, 2007
Genre: Punk
Rating: 2/5

This spirited pop/punk/metal gene-splicing is rather interesting in that it takes what would otherwise be your standard wimp-rock tunes and puts extra voltage up their collective ass via wailing guitars, and alternating its vocals between fey Oasis-style whining and more-comprehensible-than-usual Cookie Monster vox. It’s perhaps a bit too poppy for the core metal fan and could definitely use a heavier edge, but it’s okay stuff for those not quite ready for the dark depths of early Sabbath or their contemporary descendents the Sword.

Track Listing:
1. Fast Forward To 2012
2. Show ‘Em The Ropes
3. Monument
4. Speak Of The Devil
5. Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine
6. Start The Shooting
7. The Price We Pay
8. A Shot In The Dark
9. I Heard It’s The Softest Thing Ever
10. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
11. The Danger In Starting A Fire
12. Here’s To The Past

Official Website: http://www.adtrrock.com/treason.html

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