“For The Sake Of Revenge” by Sonata Arctica

Artist: Sonata Arctica
Title: “For The Sake Of Revenge” CD/DVD
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 4/4/2006
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

Are you still wondering what Sonata Arctica is all about? If this is the case then let me quickly bring you up to speed. Originating in Finland (gee what a surprise), the band that was formed in 1999 quickly became a fan favorite and were often paired with the Finnish juggernaut Nightwish. In 2003 they released “Winterheart’s Guild” a Melodic Power Metal heads dream album. The record was full of blistering riffs and rousing vocals and so good that it is considered some of their best material. When the band joined the ranks of Nuclear Blast Records and released “Reckoning Night” in 2004, the ground work began for the groups US invasion. Performances with legendary thrashers Overkill found the group surprised at their overall response for it seemed as while they were new to the United States shores, it would be in personnel only; their music had already arrived and the fans were waiting hungrily. Recorded in 2005 in Japan as the band continued to support “Reckoning Night”, this live CD with bonus DVD is your perfect chance to jump on board and find out what you have been missing so far. Yes, not only do you get a 15 song concert performance in audio but you have the full show that runs over an hour in length on the DVD. The film brings you 20 of the bands best songs and is a great treat for the fans for even if you don’t own “Reckoning Night” or “Winterheart’s Guild” you are not going to be lost. The group made sure to bring to life a number of songs from their back catalog during the show and this alone makes this product a must-have. Start to finish this is a great scope of material and allows you to press forward with the band in preparation for their new studio album which is being planned.

The DVD also gives the viewer a first hand look at how exciting Sonata Arctica is in concert and the reaction of the Japanese audience shows their level of appeal and the admiration the band has for their fans. The most apparent thing you can take away from this concert film is that Sonata Arctica not only performs well, but also performs like a band that is having a lot of fun doing what they do. More bands need to have this look less a job than a lifestyle and Sonata has succeeded in my book. There is also some candid footage from the tour to enjoy on the DVD. The line of Sonata Arctica is Tony Kakko (vocals), Jani Liimatainen (guitar), Marko Paasikoski (bass), Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards) and Tommy Portimo (drums). Are you still wondering what Sonata Arctica is all about? Grab this CD/DVD so you can see for yourself what so many others have already learned.

Track Listing (DVD):
1. Prelude For Reckoning
2. Misplaced
3. Blinded No More
4. Full Moon
5. Victoria’s Secret
6. Broken
7. 8th Commandment
8. Shamandalie
9. Kingdom For A Heart
10. Replica
11. My Land
12. Black Sheep
13. Sing In Silence
14. San Sebastian
15. The End Of This Keyboard/Sing Along
16. Gravenimage
17. Don’t Say A Word
18. The Cage
19. Vodka/Hava Nagila
20. Outro, Draw Me

Official Website: www.sonataarctica.info

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