“Flesh Is The Law” by The Genitorturers

Artist: Genitorturers
Title: “Flesh Is The Law”
Label: Retribution Music
Release Date: October 30, 2007
Genre: Industrial
Rating: 3/5

How can you not find some love for a female-fronted industrial band named Genitorturers? Their self-described ringleader and “instigator of Official Debauchery,” Gen, brings to mind a seething cheerleader Orc in the process of getting Saruman’s diabolical troops worked up into a murderous lather before they’re unleashed to put the boot up a bunch of far-wimpier fantasy characters, her voice doing an appropriate post-Wendy O. Williams snarl. That may sound kind of goofy, but the music is about as far from humorous as it can get, and female vocals paired with such crunchy nastiness is a mix that goes together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Somewhat akin to early Nine-Inch Nails, this disc grinds and growls its way through eight tracks worth of sinister offerings, all of which bear the mark of the Genitorturers’ nearly two decades of honing their craft. It’s all pretty good, but the tracks that are worth shelling out your hard earned cash for are “Guns Are Good,” a live cover of the old Misfits chestnut “All Hell Breaks Loose,” and the totally kickass “Public Enemy.” Give this to your tweener sister and hope it’ll move her to take her Hannah Montana CD’s and use them as skeet shooting pigeons. The youthful females of this country need off-kilter role models, especially the girls who like to rock in this era of Kelly Clarkson and other products-as-music, so get off your ass and do your part for our fair nation!

Track Listing:
1. Lecher Bitch
2. Public Enemy
3. Flesh Is the Law
4. House of Shame
5. Terrorvision
6. Guns Are Good
7. All Hell Breaks Loose
8. 120 Days

Official Website: http://www.genitorturers.com/

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