“Fire and Gasoline – Live” by Krokus

Artist: Krokus
Title: “Fire And Gasoline – Live”
Label: Reality Entertainment
Release Date: 6/29/2004
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7/10

Krokus has returned to the metal scene with a new live double CD release entitled “Fire And Gasoline”. Even twenty plus years after they first recorded music, the band still packs a powerful punch. However, the only remaining original members are vocalist Marc Storace and guitarist Fernando Von Arb. Filling out the lineup for the live release is Patrick Aeby (drums), Tony Castell (bass) and additional guitarwork is handled by Dominique Favez. While I admit I enjoyed hearing Krokus blast my speakers once again as it has been such a long time since I did so, I had a couple of problems with this CD. Of the 20 songs on this solid double-disc set they left out too many numbers that I was looking forward to hearing once again. I think the folks who had supported the band over the course of time would agree that songs like “Headhunter”, “Midnight Maniac”, “Schools Out” and “Ballroom Blitz” should be here. Now I understand that there might have been hesitation with releasing a CD with three covers on it, but it might not have hurt since they are so well known and associated with their renditions of these very same numbers.

We do get “Screaming In The Night” which still sends a chill up my spine as well as “Eat The Rich” from the classic “Headhunter” CD. There is also a great amount of the older material and looking back on it I was wondering why I never realized that Marc Storace possessed a lot of the vocal talents of the late Bon Scott from AC/DC. The production of the disc is great and does not sound overblown. Fan reaction is on an even level as songs end, Marcs voice seems as good as ever while Fernando Van Arbs guitar playing has got ever better.

There is a great booklet inside with a ton of live shots of the band as they are today. I always like when attention is paid to the insert, since having something to leaf through as you listen to a CD is always a good thing. While many people don’t like live records, I am admitting being fan myself and felt this is good enough to give some attention to. Despite my listed criticisms on song selection it was still a good listen throughout the course of the CD.

Track Listing CD1 & CD2:
1. Heatstrokes
2. Mad World
3. Flying Through The Night
4. American Woman,
5. I Want It All,
6. Bad Boys Rag Dolls,
7. Tokyo Nights,
8. Stayed Awake All Night,
9. Down The Drain,
10. Fire,
11. Rock N Roll Tonight.
12. Throwing Her China,
13. Screaming In The Night,
14. Rock City,
15. Easy Rider,
16. Backseat Rock ‘N’ Roll,
17. Rock The Block,
18. Long Stick Goes Boom,
19. Eat The Rich,
20. Bedside Radio

Official Web site: www.krokusonline.com

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