“Finished With The Dogs” by Holy Moses

Artist: Holy Moses
Title: “Finished With The Dogs”
Label: Locomotive Records
Release Date: 9/26/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2/5

In 1987, we had the mighty Helloween, who would set the world on fire with a new style soon to be called Power Metal. It was also during this time that we had a large number of Thrash Metal bands on the world scene and one such band was Holy Moses. Don’t wrack your brain if the name does not ring a bell to your historical Metal reference banks as it is pretty easy to understand why this is the case after listening to the re-issue of “Finished With The Dogs”. Yes, the band possessed the might of a female singer who growled her way through the songs long before the occurrence became commonplace but other than that there is really nothing all that memorable or outstanding about the group. The song structure and riffing are simply quick Thrash displays that at this point in Metal history had been done to death and also done better by other groups who were already cited as Thrash Masters. Of course, there are fans for every group and I am sure that even Holy Moses had their fair share of them. Perhaps they were even the trailblazer who inspired Angela Gossow to become the Metal Demoness that we experience night after night with Arch Enemy, one the most vital of Metal bands today. The re-issue of this “classic” album in the bands history is probably more suited for that hardcore fan that might still hold some special memory in their hearts about them. This same listener will also be happy to find previously unreleased live tracks available as well.

Comprised of Sabina Classens (vocals), Andy Classens & George Symbos (guitars), the group delivered a tight sounding blend of Hardcore meets Thrash that perhaps would have been of larger success had they aimed the bar a little higher in their song writing and being different while also focusing and capitalizing on Sabina’s presence in the lineup. This is for dedicated fans more than anyone else, and will not be an enjoyable listen to wider based Metal fans since the sound is at the end nothing more than generic. According to press releases, this group is still active today which surprises me since one so rarely hears them brought up in any Metal discussions. Looking for excellent Thrash, I suggest old school Exodus or stuff along those lines.

Song Listing:
1. Finished With The Dogs
2. Current Of Death
3. Criminal Assault
4. In The Slaughterhouse
5. A Tale That Wasn’t Right
6. Fortress Of Desperation
7. Six Fat Women
8. Corroded Dreams
9. Life’s Destroyer
10. Rest In Pain
11. Military Service
12. Road Crew
13. Life’s Destroyer – live
14. Current Of Death – live
15. In The Slaughterhouse – live
16. Finished With The Dogs – live

Official Web site: www.holymoses.de

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