Film Review: “Mad Monster Rally” Boxed Set with Morella

“Mad Monster Rally” with Morella

The “Mad Monster Rally” is a fun boxed set of films from Retromedia Studios and if you find yourself with a few sleepless nights well this is the perfect companion to help make this something that happens to you a little more often. Hosted by the beautiful Morella (your Horror Hostess with the Mostess), we get three separate volumes in this boxed set and each DVD deals with a specific angle and creature of the night. The titles delivered are “Sci-Fi Trash-O-Rama”, “Blood Vision” and “Spooktacular”. Each DVD holds three unique films from back in the day even though the box proclaims that there are a total of eight films in the set. Here is the official breakdown. I lightly touched upon each film as to not ruin any of the surprises for you folks at home.

“Morella’s All-Nite Spooktacular” presents “The Cremators”, “House Of Blood” and “Hobgoblins” and finds each film dealing with some sort of unknown menace that is out to do the cast of players no good. Of these I felt that I enjoyed “Hobgoblins” the most since I liked the creatures.

“Morella’s Blood Vision” brings us an evening of sinister doings with the following three films “Zombies” which was also known as “I Eat Your Skin” (blech), “The Blood Seekers” and “Blood Stalkers”. The first finds a lot of Zombie fun on a mysterious island known for poisonous snakes and voodoo practices while “Blood Seekers” brings us to the Philippines to enjoy a little bit of the same. “The Blood Stalkers” chooses to make unwary tourists its prey for the day and might make people double check their itinerary before they head to certain parts of the world or even closer to home. Zombie films are always a good bet for entertainment and while there are some shocking moments in these three films you will not find anything too ghoulish about how they dispatch their victims. Given the ravenous appetites of these characters I guess it is safe to say that we must taste like chicken. Please pass the hot sauce.

“Sci-Fi Trash-O-Rama” focuses on one of my favorites in the film styles and that is the good old “Stuff That Came From Outer Space To Do Us In”. While this is not one of the titles of the films on this DVD it could very well be used in the future. Instead we find “Creature Of Destruction” (1967), “The Flying Saucer Mystery” (1950) and “UFO – Target Earth” (1974). The three films span three decades which some fans of the genre might find of interest and with the 1960’s inclusion of “Creature Of Destruction” they clearly didn’t spend too much time developing the totally hard to take serious monster. Oh well, they cannot all be Toho Studios with their believable baddies. The DVD also features Sci-Fi Toy Commercials that are a lot of fun to watch. We see the classic Robot Commando, King Zor and The Great Garloo. One is an obvious robot while the other is an alien and the last a dinosaur. Each of these toys came out in the very early sixties and were all remote controlled. By the way, remote controlled still meant connected to the toys at this time. See how spoiled we have become with blue tooth and Wifi stuff.

We also get several segments of Morella in her “Graveyard Theatre” skits and while she is no Elvira, she sure does do the trick for these films. The two horror hostesses have a common trait and like their website says “Morella delivers a lot up front”. I will not argue about that statement. She is often accompanied by Spud the wonder brain who responds to her commentary from his glass container and appears to be hooked up to an old computer power supply. It’s not really the best special effect I’ve ever seen but it is amusing enough to find some appeal in. If vintage Horror and Science Fiction movies are your thing then you cannot go wrong with this boxed set based on the amount of stuff that it brings into your living room for a super affordable cost and it is sure better than sitting around flipping through the hundreds of channels trying to find something fun to watch. Each of the three releases are packaged on their own and fit inside the slipcase. Find a loved one or some good friends, crack open a cold one and turn down the lights as the creep fest brings you back in time with these horrific treats. There is bound to be something for everyone with this one and please don’t expect to take them too seriously. They are at best more along the lines of “C plus movies” as opposed to “B movies”. I know that there is not really such a qualification for the Horror Movies but what do we label those films that are just a little bit lesser in grade than the B ones anyway? Be sure to check the individual volume titles as they were previously released on their own but now come to you in this handy dandy boxed set. After you order you can check out more from Morella and Retromedia Studios via the provided links.

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