“Fearing The Exit” by Society 1

Artist: Society 1
Title: “Fearing The Exit”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date: 2/19/2008
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Society 1 is an Industrial Metal band led by Matt “The Lord” Zane, a man most prominently known for his work in the adult film industry and also for being the person who broke the suspension record previously held by illusionist Chris Angel. If you are not familiar with the suspension stuff, well it is exactly how it sounds and found the singer essentially hanging himself above the band by hooks. Pretty wild stuff when it comes down to it but not my own cup of tea. This DVD gives the viewer a little bit of everything that the band is involved in by delivering some live material, videos and interview footage along with a healthy number of bonus features that should please the most ardent supporters. The film begins with a documentary about the band called “One Way To Hell” and it is sometimes interesting and also sometimes boring, but I guess that the hardest core fan would not agree with me on that part. They don’t really feature too much in the way of music in the documentary and instead show a lot of backstage liaisons as well as plenty of onstage berating of the audience by Zane who seems to know exactly what buttons he needs to push to incite them into frenzy. The documentary is loaded with sexual content as well, and while it is shadowed or grayed out, that when coupled with the blunt language makes this a for mature audience item only.

We get a bunch of live songs during the segment called “Off The Hooks” and “Tampa, Florida (2003)” but I have to say that the first segment finds the best audio and video. Tampa is a little foggy so this could have been a bootleg from an audience member even though I didn’t see it labeled as such. Musically the band is your typical Industrial Metal group and while this stuff only appeals to me in a minor fashion there are some decent riffs but nothing you haven’t already heard Trent Reznor or Rob Zombie doing. Fans of the Genitorturers and Scum Of The Earth might like Society 1 based on the over the top displays of sexuality and pushing the envelope during a show. We find some interesting bonus features that show some of the entourage that comes along with such a band and in this are more piercings, suspensions and lewd activities. Three of the bands videos are included and we even get to enjoy the “making of” one of them. A second documentary comes by way of “The Creation Of Sound” and this one runs about 45 minutes. Its primary topic is Zane informing you of just how incredible the experience of Society 1 is for you, and after hearing this over and over I had wished they would have just featured more music. With its running time of over 180 minutes, it definitely fills the need of the bands niche market and might even draw some of the curious into their clutches. The band features Zane (vocals), Sin (guitar), Dirt (bass) and Preston Nash (drums) and while Zane is the driving force in all of the commentary we do hear from the other members as well.

The DVD is a double-sided effort and bears no graphics or text that informs you of this so in the event you play it and feel as though you have come in during the middle, I suggest that you stop your player and turn the DVD over and start once again. I’m not the biggest fan of this aspect of Metal, but I know that there are loyalists who swear by it and if the clips of them in concert are any signs of how devoted their fans are then the band surely is serving its purpose. Recommended for genre fans specifically and once again an over 18 viewer.

Track Listing:
1. One Way To Hell (documentary)
2. Suspension Show
3. Off The Hooks (live set)
4. Nothing (video)
5. All You Want (video)
6. Hate (video)
7. Tampa, Florida (2003) (live set)
8. The Making of “Nothing” video
9. Sins Ultimate Photo Shoot
10. Electronic Press Kit
11. Severe Society (bonus)
12. Joey Strange (bonus)
13. Core (bonus)
14. New Album Cover Art
15. Website
16. The Creation Of Sound (documentary)
17. Slide Show (photos)
18. Lyric Sheet (text only)

Official Website: www.society1.net

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