“Family Values Tour 2006” (DVD) by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Family Values Tour 2006”
Label: Firm Music
Release Date: 12/26/2006
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 3/5

1998 was the year that Korn started “The Family Values Tour”, and the mega event was a powerful alternative to that of Ozzfest since it offered the audience a wide mix of Metal, Rap and Hard Rock acts instead of being a strictly Metal performance. Their hectic touring and demanding roles as a growing band would keep Korn from headlining the show for a number of years until 2006. In their absence such talent as Stone Temple Pilots kept the level of quality high for the fans. The performance in 2006 would be a triumphant return for the band as they were not only supporting their latest release “See You On The Other Side” but also headlining over some of today’s most popular groups. The Nu-Metal giants would find support from such staple acts as The Deftones, Dir En Grey, Flyleaf, Deadsy, Stone Sour and 10 Years. The trend in releasing both a CD and DVD of the event would continue as well and this film is the perfect way to enjoy some of what happened at these shows.

As you can imagine, Korn receives the largest representation on the video and even performs their monster track “Freak On A Leash” with Stone Sours Corey Taylor. They sound great and really show a good amount of what they are like in a full concert, but with only five selections the viewer will be left wanting more. The film uses the rest of the available time to showcase some new talent such as 10 Years, Dir En Grey and Flyleaf. Each of the bands truly excellent at the level of music they bring to the table, but with only a couple of songs apiece to enjoy you are left with a strong curious sense and perhaps a little bit annoyed if you did not grab one of the tickets when they came to town. 10 Years has a strong Perfect Circle/Tool thing happening while Dir En Grey is a growing sensation from Japan. I liked their energy but was not crazy about the little bit of self mutilation the singer took part it by making himself bloody as he performed. I really wanted more songs from Stone Sour because this band that features both Corey Taylor and Jim Root of Slipknot are killer on the stage and provide a different edge for music fans with what they do here. It’s a far cry from Slipknot, and perhaps a little easier for a wider audience to enjoy. The Deftones also rocked but by now the tease of two tracks gets worn on a person. To be quite honest, performance releases like this should ALWAYS be double disk sets and feature more performance clips and less nonsense. This one is limited when it comes to nonsense content and instead does include a great bunch of interview segments and while some of the portions are shown during the breaks between each band, they have a full section for you to watch which is much more comprehensive. Each band is heard from and they even make sure to talk to a couple of the characters from Korns stage show as well which adds to the overall amusement of the program. In the end while I had hoped for a larger musical presentation here in terms of number of songs this is still a fine way to get a glimpse inside the FVT with Korn and their friends. I am sure that next time many of us will not be missing the show – especially if the lineup continues to be as strong as this one was.

Track Listing:
1. Carrying Over (Deadsy)
2. Waking Up (10 Years)
3. Autumn Effect (10 Years)
4. Kodoko Ni Shisu, Yueni Kodoku (Dir En Grey)
5. The IIID Empire (Dir En Grey)
6. I’m So Sick (Flyleaf)
7. Something I Can Never Have (Flyleaf)
8. Reborn (Stone Sour)
9. Through Glass (Stone Sour)
10. My Own Summer (Deftones)
11. Nosebleed (Deftones)
12. Right Now (Korn)
13. Coming Undone (Korn)
14. Freak On A Leash (Korn)
15. Hollow Life (Korn)
16. Blind (Korn)

Official Website: www.familyvaluestour.com

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