Famed Star Wars Princess Carrie Fisher Has Died (1956-2016)

When the news about Carrie Fisher suffering a heart attack while on a flight back from a signing event on December 23rd were first reported, my hopes were high that she would come out of this okay and not be among the myriad of great names that left us over the course of this past year. Sadly, it was early yesterday afternoon when word started circulating that she had indeed passed away at age 60. Many of us believed that she would bounce back and perhaps need to slow down a little bit but according to what I have read, the actress never regained consciousness after the initial attack. The news saddened me greatly and as is my usual process with these reflections, I am keeping words to my own personal experience or memory as Fisher’s deep history is well noted already on her Wikipedia entry which I have linked to below.

My first memory of Carrie Fisher was the same as a number of friends who are my age and that was with the very first “Star Wars” film which at the time was only called “Star Wars”. It would become “Star Wars: A New Hope” when the sequel came out a few years later. Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia Organa, the leader of The Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. She was the princess in many young geek boys hearts and minds and while the younger lads developed crushes that they were only beginning to understand, the girls had someone to look up to as well based on her being a young girl herself who was fighting alongside the heroic male adventurers as an equal and even as an in-charge in some sense. Like many of the fans of the time, I would follow the adventures of Princess Leia for two more films and even the eventual continuation of “The Force Awakens”. I must admit that I really wasn’t following her much outside of the Star Wars franchises but I did enjoy her part of the “Blues Brothers” film and can say with certainty how much I admired her speaking of her addictions and troubles in the public eye. That could not have been easy to do at all and her bravery on these topics led to her becoming a best selling author and speaker.

I will miss her being able to make fans worldwide happy with appearances at conventions and in the upcoming Star Wars films that she was to be a part of. In some readings that I did when she had passed I learned that she wished her obituary to read a certain cause of death and since this was her preference I could only honor a royal request. Though the world believed it to be a heart attack apparently she had drowned in moonlight strangled by her own bra. Goodnight Carrie Fisher and thank you for being such a heroic presence to many childhood memories. May The Force Be With You 🙁

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrie_Fisher

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