Fall Prostrate In Adoration of Ghost’s Sneak Peek Track “Square Hammer”

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Back in the middle of June, the band Ghost announced their “Popestar Tour 2016” and if you missed that post just click HERE to be up to speed. Earlier today, those lucky ducks at SiriusXM and their morning host Grant Random got to speak to one of the Nameless Ghouls who shared a brand new track from the band called “Square Hammer”. Click below to hear the song without any of the brief interview discussion. It’s sooooo good. Trust me.

Do you love it? I know you do. I know that I sure did and I was singing along with the chorus after only a single listen. Of course I have set it to repeat while I am typing this for your attention so its not going to be long before I know the whole tune. It’s the first idea that we fans have about what is coming on their “Popestar” EP. You can be rest assured that I will be adding a review of that to our stockpile of narratives. Ghost remains a juggernaut of a group and their appeal seems to grow stronger with each release. Some feel that they are going to be on “Saturday Night Live” in the new season and since they already did “The Late Show” I don’t see why not. It will give me a reason to actually watch the show since I haven’t done so in more than a decade. What did you think of the new track? You can let me know in the comments down below while you enjoy it. If you should want to send some traffic love to the SiriusXM Blog for showcasing the tune in the first place you can click HERE.

Official Website: http://ghost-official.com/

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