“Extreme Guitar Shred” by The Great Kat

Artist: Great Kat
Title: “Extreme Guitar Shred”
Label: Music Video Distribution
Release Date: 4/12/2005
Genre: Speed Metal
Rating: 5/10

The Great Kat is perhaps one of the most interesting people in music and she has been for a pretty decent amount of time. I was never sure what to make of her or her work but I always knew she was one of the fastest guitar “shredders” ever and very interesting visually. Her personality and behavior often defy description and this DVD entitled “Extreme Guitar Shred” contains several of her videos featuring her unique brand of mayhem. Her videos are definitely not for the faint of heart and more geared for the gore-fans. It is like watching chaos as she shreds the guitar at lightning speed and wails a high pitched banshee scream over most of the material. While it is apparent that she knows how to play, she does not break character at all in the videos, and since there is no extra footage to observe you only get these 6 videos to make your decision. I have seen Kat in interviews on Metal Shows, and she never stops being the wild and unpredictable person she comes of as in the music. It might have been interesting to see a different side of her on this DVD, for instance, Blackie Lawless on stage is not the same person offstage. The same applies for the Legendary Alice Cooper. I would have appreciated the chance to see where she feels this all comes from. Just giving the viewer a few videos is not all that much since they are so short.

Truly the Great Kat as she has long ago given herself the title is someone that is as interesting to watch as she is to listen to. Her antics are lessons in furious guitar shredding where she lays down some of the fastest renditions of classical pieces you would ever hear. Admittedly, I can enjoy this for a few songs at a time, but not in one sitting exclusively. She does have fans, which I have not been able to be part of for I personally need to see a performer in concert. To my knowledge Kat does not do shows. If she does, get me the information so I can check it out in person. Who knows, perhaps I have a secret slave to the Great Kat inside me somewhere. For now, I recommend this only for the diehard or the curious.

Track Listing:
1. Zapateado
2. Torture Chamber
3. Castration
4. Live In Chicago
5. Dominatrix
6. War
7. Hot Shred Bits – bonus
8. Shred FAQ’s – bonus
9. Shred Credits – bonus

Official Web site: www.GreatKat.com

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