“Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC” [DVD] by Dio

Artist: Dio
Title: “Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7.5

Released as a direct companion to the CD of the same name is Ronnie James Dio’s “Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC”. This sold-out live concert performance DVD was filmed at New York City’s famed Roseland Ballroom. The Roseland can be a great place to see a Metal act depending on who it is. I saw it as such for there have been times I attended and hated the place, while the week later returned and loved the experience. The love of metal and its elder Statesman Ronnie James Dio was apparent as you watch the show. The tour was in support of “Killing The Dragon” his most recent release at the time. The members of the band were Jimmy Bain (bass), Simon Wright (drums), Scott Warren (keyboards) and Doug Aldrich (guitar).

The performance of Ron and the band is dead on and the set is very well thought out. Dio includes some Black Sabbath and Deep Purple songs which is an added plus. It’s good to see this material addressed on a recorded medium since in the past when I had seen the group he did not do too much of this stuff. With this music being such a great part of his career it is a refreshing change of pace.

The stage is on the sparse side since no real amount of special effects is present as in the past. This performance was purely about the music. On the DVD there are limited differences between the CD and this piece. The DVD will run a tad longer and include the drum solo by Simon Wright. Shot from many different angles from behind and in front of the drum kit I enjoyed this a little bit more than I expected. The tune “Lord Of The Last Day” is featured here while it is not on the CD. Everything else is the same and I feel all traditional heavy metal enthusiasts will enjoy a lengthy Dio live DVD. He had another from the “Last In Line/Sacred Heart” years, but it was shorter as I remembered. For now, take this as a recommendation.

Track List:
1. Killing The Dragon
2. Egypt/Children Of The Sea
3. Push
4. Simon Wright – Drum Solo
5. Stand Up And Shout
6. Rock And Roll
7. Don’t Talk To Strangers
8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Doug Aldrich – Guitar Solo
10. Long Live Rock And Roll
11. Lord Of The Last Day
12. Fever Dreams
13. Holy Diver
14. Heaven And Hell
15. The Last In Line
16. Rainbow In The Dark
17. We Rock

Bonus Features:
1. Interview
2. Photo Gallery
3. Behind The Scenes Footage
4. “Push” Video

Official Website: www.RonnieJamesDio.com

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