“Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC” by Dio

Artist: Dio
Title: “Evil Or Divine: Live In NYC”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7.5

Dio is one of the true survivors in the world of Heavy Metal music. His rich history across the genre began with his band Elf, then on to Rainbow, Black Sabbath where he replaced Ozzy and finally his influence as a solo performer. For those who have ever seen Ronnie James Dio perform in concert, they can attest for certain that he commands the Stage and truly gives the audience their money’s worth when they come to rock with him. This CD was recorded during his “Killing The Dragon” tour. His lineup was Jimmy Bain (bass), Simon Wright (drums), Scott Warren (keyboards) and Doug Aldrich (guitars).

The song selection for this recording was a good one, as Dio has decided to include much more of his Rainbow material and his Sabbath stuff than in recent years. Given these tunes legendary status at this point in time, it was a smart move in my opinion. Highlights to me were definitely “Man On The Silver Mountain” as well as “Long Live Rock And Roll”. Killer numbers from his Rainbow years without any doubt. It also includes the staple tracks from “Holy Diver”; a CD which I am hoping comes to a remastered state very soon. The production was well-done and all instruments are clear and nothing overpowers the other. The guitar solo by Doug Aldrich is killer; he is someone who can stand along the other great axe men in his genre. Dio himself stands out as you might expect and there is very little difference in his voice from the studio recordings to the live shows even after many years.

There is a companion DVD to this CD release and the only difference in the two besides one being audio and the other video would be the exclusion of the Simon Wright drum solo and the song “Lord Of The Last Day”. I am mostly a fan of drum solos but they really have to be spectacular in order for me to focus on them on a CD than in a live setting. Not much of a difference in the end, so you as a fan can choose to pick up either piece. Check out one of them, especially if you are an old-school classic sound fan.

Track Listing:
1. Killing The Dragon
2. Egypt/Children Of The Sea
3. Push
4. Stand Up And Shout
5. Rock And Roll
6. Don’t Talk To Strangers
7. Man On The Silver Mountain
8. Doug Aldrich – Guitar Solo
9. Long Live Rock And Roll
10. Fever Dreams
11. Holy Diver
12. Heaven And Hell
13. The Last In Line
14. Rainbow In The Dark
15. We Rock

Official Website: www.ronniejamesdio.com

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