Evanescence @ Hammerstein Ballroom (10/9/2006)

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Artist: Evanescence
Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Revelation Theory
Date: 10/9/2006
Label: Wind-Up Records

Much to the delighted screams of thousands of fans the one and only Evanescence has returned to New York City for a sold out performance at The Hammerstein Ballroom. No, you are not misreading things as Evanescence was finally back and it was time for everyone to get a little Gothic. Judging by the attending audience this would be entirely possible this evening for everywhere you looked where younger versions of Amy Lee. Evanescence has a mixed audience in terms of age range and tonight it seemed as though a lot of parents were going to see what their kids listened to first hand by choosing not to wait outside but instead would try their hand inside the venue amidst the fans en masse. I think it is great when the folks make an effort to see what kind of music the kids listen to, whether they understand or like it or not. Opening the show was Revelation Theory who I walked in on the last song or three of. They were not doing much for me at that late stage but they did do an impressive rendition of “Hunger Strike” the popular tune by Temple Of The Dog.

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Evanescence by Ken Pierce (2006)

A short breather for the set changes and Evanescence was on the stage. Amy Lee is an electric personality when she is up there and it showed in her every move on how much she missed being in front of an audience like this. The group was doing the beginnings of the tour which is in support of their new Wind-Up Records release “The Open Door”, and at the time of this show I was still waiting for my copy of the CD to arrive. As much as I hate hearing the music on a new CD in the live sense as my first chance to do so I would have no choice tonight. It would be my first time ever seeing Evanescence in concert so tonight would be fun despite my normal restrictions. Amy and company would begin the set with “Sweet Sacrifice” the new albums opener and a powerful song in concert as well. Taking photos during the first few songs allowed me a quick visual of the set list which seemed to be an equal mix of the new release as well as their blockbuster “Fallen”. Her band would be Terry Balsamo, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray and newest member Tim McCord. Amy herself was all Gothed out and wearing some bizarre sort of pink-feathered tutu and serious combat boots, while all the other members were wearing strictly black clothing and often sticking over toward the backline. I took it different from others around me and felt the band was more like backup than actual members while in truth they truly make up the quality of the new albums sound. Balsamo especially should be given credit, as he was a recent stroke victim who is still making his way to health.

evanescence, evanescence concert photos, amy lee, amy lee concert photos
Evanescence by Ken Pierce (2006)

I found the group tight and energetic, and of course Lee is the focal point no matter what you think and she ran allover the stage literally feeding off of the energy exuded by the crowd in attendance. The new material is very strong live and was going over well, I am guessing that everyone around me was not guilty of still waiting on picking up the release. She did all of my favorites from the “Fallen” release and I was one of those fans who found himself screaming the choruses back at her when prompted to do so. “Lithium” is one of the new tracks of appeal and we would find Amy sitting behind a piano singing with such a passion. The new releases single of “Call Me When You’re Sober” would be met with a resounding response. I admit to a little surprise when she played the bands breakout hit “Bring Me To Life” when she did as in my opinion that is the show stopping closer for the night if they ever had one. The piano would return for Amy to deliver “My Immortal” as an encore and then the entire set would close with new track “All That I’ve Lived For”. During the night Amy announced that she was now a resident of New York, so I guess as you are shopping in the Big Apple you should keep an eye out for her, I am sure it will make her feel all the more welcome. The set ran just over one hour which I did feel was a bit short, but during this time all the songs I knew and a lot of new material managed to be showcased.

evanescence, evanescence concert photos, amy lee, amy lee concert photos
Evanescence by Ken Pierce (2006)

Will the new album find the success of “Fallen”, well with Amy already being a fan favorite there is a good possibility of this happening.

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Set List:
1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Weight Of The World
3. Going Under
4. The Only One
5. Haunted
6. Whisper
7. Lithium
8. Good Enough
9. Call Me When You’re Sober
10. Imaginary
11. Bring Me To Life
12. Lacrymosa
13. My Immortal – encore
14. All That I’ve Lived For – encore

Official Web site: www.evanescence.com

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