EMP Label Group Celebrates Dangerous Toys’ “Dirty 30” w Re-Issues

If you’re a fan of the band Dangerous Toys, then this recently received bit of correspondence should be right up your alley.

The Press Release:
Hard Rock legends **DANGEROUS TOYS** , who formed in Austin, TX in 1987, celebrate 30 years as a band in 2017, and EMP LABEL GROUP is celebrating with “Dirty Thirty” Remastered CD and LP reissues of the back-half of the band’s catalog including **PISSED, THE RTIST 4MERLY KNOWN AS DANGEROUS TOYS, AND XX: LIVE**.

Formed in 1987, with WATCHTOWER vocalist Jason McMaster, DANGEROUS TOYS released their classic Self-Titled release, and the follow up **HELLACIOUS ACRES** , via COLUMBIA RECORDS, before going independent for their follow up 1994’s **PISSED** , and 1995’s **THE RTIST 4MERLY KNOWN AS DANGEROUS TOYS.**

The band has since remained active for 30 years, playing shows and releasing a string of independent and live releases. Meanwhile McMaster also stayed busy in several other projects including **Broken Teeth, Ignitor** , and **Evil United** , who all have current and pending releases via EMP (Broken Teeth’s 4 on the Floor hit stores in April.)

Said vocalist Jason McMaster, “This stuff never came out on vinyl, I am blown away that it will finally happen. PISSED and R-TIST never really get the push they deserved. We were proud of the material and this worth celebrating. I can’t wait to get these myself”

EMP’s Thom Hazaert adds, “I’m a huge fan of Dangerous Toys, and so is David (Ellefson), so we’re super stoked to be able to reissue some of these landmark releases from their catalog. I’ve worked with Jason off and on and for over a decade, with Toys and Broken Teeth, and he truly is one of the hardest working guys in show-business, and nowhere is that more apparently than in Dangerous Toys. These new versions look and sound great, with updated art and packaging, but still staying true to the vibe of the original.”

The first reissue, the seminal 1994 LP PISSED will hit stores September 8th, and is available for pre-order now on Deluxe Gatefold Double LP, CD, and in several bundle configurations from empmerch.com ( http://sable.madmimi.com/c/35196?id=643164.5177.1.ec4034058d67e8ae1ff5820dd036e426 ).

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told Dangerous Toys was just not one of the bands that I was listening to way back in the day. Sure I liked a tune here and there along with the videos that played on the MTV but despite owning the debut release I just didn’t manage to check them out live or keep any better level of support going. I’m admitting this because its to show that you cannot get out and be there for everything despite being interested and now with the re-issues coming out I will be able to not only lend some love to them, but be able to do it as a music scribe which hopefully helps a little bit more. It’s super cool to find the EMP Label Group working with them as they have a number of interesting acts on the roster already such as Doll Skin and Doyle so perhaps we will even find a collaborative tour or showcase run being set up. What do you readers think about these re-issued albums? Will you be replacing long worn out copies in your music library or will you be adding these to your personal collection as something brand spanking new? Let me know in the comments section below. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.jasonmcmaster.net/

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