“Embrace The Storm” by Stream Of Passion

Artist: Stream Of Passion
Title: “Embrace The Storm”
Label: InsideOut Music
Release Date: 10/25/2005
Genre: Gothic Melodic
Rating: 8/10

Proving that he is never one to rest of his laurels Arjen Lucassens has done it once again. His last album was the epic “Human Equation” (released with Ayreon) and it would be received with considerable acclaim and justifiably so. He would put aside Ayreon for the next musical adventure and bring us a totally new band entitled “Stream Of Passion”. The band would be new but listeners would not be a stranger to some of the players for joining Lucassens would be Mexican singing sensation Marcela Bovio who recently recorded with Ayreon. The remainder of the band would be filled by an internet contest and with members residing all around the world a truly unique musical experience was the end result. Marcela is an amazing talent and her voice will instantly appeal to those who enjoy the presence of a beautiful female vocal on top of their rock. It’s a Gothic meets Progressive meets Atmospheric group that will appeal very much to fans of The Gathering more than something like Nightwish. Ms. Bovio’s voice while powerful is not one of the operatic styled ones. The other members of the group are Davy Mickers (drums), Lori Linstruth (guitar), Alejandro Milan (piano), and Johan van Stratum (bass). Arjen himself is of course a member not only providing guitars but also largely responsible for the music composition. For this release he centered his composition on Marcela’s voice and ideas in order to make her shine as much as possible. The result is fantastic and with songs like “Passion”, “I’ll Keep On Dreaming” and “Spellbound” there is a very positive result for the listener. I enjoyed these particular songs as well as “Out In The Real World” and “Calliopeia” since there was a lot of the heavy vibe I enjoy.

By not giving a totally heavy or progressive piece like Ayreon, Arjen succeeds in giving his fans something different to enjoy with Stream Of Passion. There are some intricacies in selections like “Embrace The Storm” (also among the heavier tracks) but there are also some hints of bands like Portis Head which through me for a loop to experience. I found the release enjoyable as while I am normally a fan of the Operatic female lead I am growing tired of the number of them that is popping up. There are a number of slower, piano driven melodies making this a very contemporary album. Resultant of this release I am anxious to hear what else will come from the talented Marcela. I am sure she will have a bright future and also find herself on some more Ayreon releases going forward. I recommend this album for fans of Evanescence and The Gathering, please check it out.

Track Listing:
1. Spellbound
2. Passion
3. Deceiver
4. I’ll Keep On Dreaming
5. Haunted
6. Wherever You Are
7. Open Your Eyes
8. Embrace The Storm
9. Breathing Again
10. Out In The Real World
11. Nostalgia
12. Calliopeia

Official Web site: www.StreamOfPassion.com

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