“Embrace The Dark Side” with Galactic Empire’s “The Imperial March” Official Video

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a great musical idea came to pass – GALACTIC EMPIRE!!! (queue flourishing horns and the scroll). Now seriously I am not too sure how long this band has been around but its been at least since November and December of last year and if you are looking for something weird to amuse you – how does a Hard Rock band dressed at the Imperial forces of the Empire suit your fancy? The other day was “STAR WARS DAY” and geeks worldwide have been saying “May The 4th Be With You” and as a decades deep fan of the film I buy into this for sure. So the Galactic Empire band released a video for the famous “Imperial March” which they had as a single some months ago and I’ve shared the clip with you below. Check it out and then I will offer some opinion on it.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve got to admit that I love this because I am a long time attendee of the NY Comic Con and I’ve already listened to bands dressed as elves and Vikings and seen videos of other Metal bands dressed like Barney. Did you know there is a band playing Black Sabbath style songs dressed in McDonaldland attire? So weird doesn’t faze me. Now this video finds the band of Imperialists performing in the area seen in “The Empire Strikes Back”, that whole carbonite area. The band is made up of a Darth Vader, an Imperial Guard, a Stormtrooper, TIE Fighter pilot and Boba Fett. We see other forces like the Emperor and Chewbacca shows some trooper guitar love during the clip but other than that it is pretty straightforward performance stuff. A lot of fun for sure and I cannot imagine how hot those outfits get. Having seen members of the 501st Legion at NYCC, I know that the need to remove a helmet happens quite often. I loved this clip and think if you are a “Star Wars” geek like most of us are that you will too. I’ve embedded the code for the track from their forthcoming album so depending on when you read this post you can either pre-order or just get it straight away. I am wondering if I will see these guys at Comic Con since I have put my credentials request in and am feeling pretty confident about attending. It’s so much fun but crowded as hell.

By the way, since “Star Wars Day” was just the other day I wanted to remind readers about the latest TRUE BELIEVERS comic books from Marvel Comics. They are ALL “Star Wars” themed and you can examine the list via THIS LINK. Its early enough to still secure some copies so get on the phone with your local comic book retailer so you don’t miss out. I’ll try to review the singles that the band has to lend some additional support to the Empire. We’ll crush that Rebel scum yet.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/galacticempireonline

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