“Edge Of The World” by Glenn Tipton

Artist: Glenn Tipton, John Entwistle & Cozy Powell
Title: “Edge Of The World”
Label: Rhino Records
Release Date: 3/7/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 7/10

Glenn Tipton’s first solo recordings are finally seeing the light of day. While the guitarist released his first solo album in 1996 he mentions in his liner notes that he had earlier recordings that featured legendary players John Entwistle and Cozy Powell. The record company decided this music’s fate and as a result a different solo record “Baptizm Of Fire” would be released. Fast forward a few years and now courtesy of Rhino Records fans of the axe slinger will finally get to hear the music he wanted to present in the first place. Overall this is a solid Hard Rock album with nothing too over the top by the rhythm section except their expected level of skill and professional sound. It’s my guess that they took this as a studio project more than a band and that’s why they merely did what was necessary and not filled this with wild displays. Let’s face it the music listener world would have to agree with you on Entwistle having the title as one of the greatest Rock bassists ever. The same can be said for Cozy Powell who was one of Rocks more accomplished drummers and with recordings by Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and Whitesnake under his belt who can question. These two forces combined with Glenn’s guitar work and vocals gave a sound that that was different enough from his work in Judas Priest to be easily enjoyed for it would still Rock. Touring was debated but would never come to pass as Fate’s ever cruel hand ended any plans of this by taking both Powell and Entwistle from us far too soon. As a result instead of looking forward to shows with this music we can find this a fitting memorial of their great contributions to music.

There are a number of great songs on the album and each flows very well into the others on the recording. Some of my favorites were “Unknown Soldier”, “The Holy Man” and “Edge Of The World”. Its more Hard Rock than Metal which is a refreshing change for one would probably not be served well by releasing “Priest II”, as this at least shows us the level of player that Tipton is. His guitar work is smooth and technical at the same time and I think anyone who enjoys his work in The Priest will find some stuff on here that rocks well enough for them. The booklet includes lyrics and some commentary from Glenn but there are no pictures to view which was sad. Even stuff from session would have been nice with these guys passed on I felt. Yet I’m glad Glenn was able to showcase the music that the two legends took part in just the same. They will never be forgotten and they can never be replaced.

Track Listing:
1. Unknown Soldier
2. Friendly Fire
3. The Holy Man
4. Never Say Die
5. Resolution
6. Searching
7. Give Blood
8. Crime Of Passion
9. Walls Cave In
10. Edge Of The World
11. Stronger Than The Drug

Official Web site: http://www.judaspriest.com/glenn/default.asp

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