Edge Of Paradise Unveils New Music Video For “Alive”

The other day I learned that California’s own Edge Of Paradise had released a brand new video for a song called “Alive”. The tune will be on a forthcoming EP but we can address that later. Here is the video that was directed by Val Rassi.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: The band seems to be changing their sound a tad bit for this one but I will save those thoughts for my quick summary of the also available single which will run during the course of my adventures at the upcoming Toy Fair convention. Stylistically the short clip is mostly Margarita Monet which I am not complaining about at all since she is a beauty to behold and in some of the scenes she is walking down an ominous and spooky alleyway and in the other scenes she is in an amazing outfit lying on the floor singing up to the camera. The outfit she was wearing for these scenes was unbelievably sexy so I am thinking that a lot her ardent admirers will be sending flowers to the bands address. We see drummer John acting as a mad scientist of some kind mixing potions so I will venture to guess that Miss Monet was being re-animated ala the famous “Frankenstein” tale or even “Re-Animator”. Of course I should stress that unlike the last film there is no gore in this clip. Guitarist Bates is observed doing his shredding thing in the same alleyway but that is all we get from him and you’ll miss him if you blink, but bassist Ericson is there as well. Overall an interesting way to see what the band looks like and I am sure one can count this song being in their live set going forward.

Be sure to watch the clip and also wish Margarita Monet a Happy Birthday on it since the singer is celebrating that today. Happy Birthday Miss 🙂

Official Website: http://www.edgeofparadiseband.com

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