“Earache My Eye” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Earache My Eye”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date: 5/13/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Originally released on VHS in 1989, “Earache My Eye” is finally available on DVD and should appease those who have longed for this to be the case. It allows them the chance to upgrade and put up the original on auction so they can sit back and enjoy the molten hot material that is loaded on this release with better audio and video clarity. In 1989 I wasn’t listening to this level of heavy music yet so I enjoyed getting the chance to see some of the earliest videos made by bands like At The Gates, Carcass and Godflesh, especially since these are groups that have come to influence many of the bands that formed after them. You also can’t go wrong with the clever Doom riffs of old Cathedral and their Old School video blends in with some Vincent Price horror movie footage from the film “Witchfinder General”. The guys in Sleep offer up almost a garage band setting for their killer tune “Dragonaut” but I fear I was at a loss about any further information on them which was a shame since I really enjoyed this tune. The intrinsic basic feel in this video made me feel that any band can make a video that works to bring their material to life.

For me these films were fresh since I had not followed and of the bands but despite this it was great to know that Earache Records was showing the support for the non-mainstream Metal groups at a time when it was surely needed. 1989 saw the rumblings of Glam Rock coming to a halt as the Grunge era began and took many Metal bands heads off since there were no more big displays of technical wizardry and heaviness as opposed to just being in pain over everything you could think of. The downside of this video for me was that it was only the original presentation of the VHS tape and nothing more. It should have been coupled with a couple more of their films as was done with their “iCrusher Complete” release or perhaps even offered some bonus audio features to make it a little more enticing. Keeping this as a pure DVD version of the original VHS film might also minimize the actual interest in the release as this could only appeal to those who owned and loved the original version and perhaps have worn the tape out considerably. It is a great addition to any video collector’s library since I don’t know how available some of these clips actually are so if you feel a little bit like the Metal historian then perhaps you should check out where some of this stuff had its roots. Earache Records – still heavy after all these years. Good work mates.

Track Listing:
1. Crush My Soul – Godflesh
2. Shake It – Dub War
3. Wolverine Blues – Entombed
4. Hopkins Witchfinder General – Cathedral
5. Greed Killing – Napalm Death
6. My Mind Still Speaks – Misery Loves Co.
7. Blinded By Fear – At The Gates
8. No Love Lost – Carcass
9. Underachiever – Pitchshifter
10. Dragonaut – Sleep
11. Godplayer – Brutal Truth
12. Rudge With AJ – Fudge Tunnel
13. Famine Sector – Meathook Seed

Official Website: www.earacherecords.com

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