Dynamite Entertainment Presents “Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos”

“Welcome to my Comic Book” is what you might be singing when you get your hands on this new series that finds the great Alice Cooper interacting with the deadly denizens of the Chaos Universe. Check out the cover of this sure to be thrilling title and its official press copy before I offer up my own thoughts.

Comic - Alice Cooper Vs Chaos 1 - 2015

The Premise:
“It’s the ultimate heavy metal crossover as the original shock rocker meets the original death metal comic book universe! Bizarre nightmares are plaguing Evil Ernie, Chastity and Purgatori, and though the hate each other’s guts, they may have to join the teen monster team called The Chosen to find the one and only Alice Cooper! Co-writer Tim Seeley says, “I’m excited to work with my friend Jim Terry on the perfect mash-up of our favorite things. Dynamite is a great place to make crossovers, and this one will be pure metal. Raise your devil hand, fiends.” Co-writer and artist Jim Terry says, “Diving headfirst into the CHAOS universe has been incredible, like being pushed out of a plane into a combat zone filled with gods, nut jobs and the most gorgeous women you could fathom. I’m doing my best to keep up with it and hopefully kick in a little dramatic flair, as well as Tim and my own particular brand of madness. Add Alice Cooper to the mix and we’re hoping to leave fans breathless from action, horror and mind bending rock n roll surrealism.”

Writer: Tim Seeley, Jim Terry; Art: Jim Terry; Cover: Joyce Chin

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Somewhere in my collection I have a couple of boxes devoted entirely to the Chaos Comics output of the 90’s. I loved titles like “Lady Death”, “Purgatori”, “Chastity” and of course the menacing “Evil Ernie”. This was off the wall stuff for sure and since I have a lot of those in trade paperbacks they remain safely in their plastic sleeves with a backing board. Don’t laugh at me for being meticulous about my books, all collectors are. So with that being said this sure sounds like a fun ride. I’m a big Alice Cooper fan and have been for years. He’s actually opening up for Motley Crue on their Final Tour so I hope to get to see him on one of their stops but I am getting ahead of myself here. Let’s get back onto the topic of the comic book. This as a crossover sure does interest me since its got a lot of great characters who will be working together or against each other and since each one is a unique entity in their own right, the spark and flames are going to fly. Will you be checking out this mini-series? Let me know in the comments section below. Going forward I am going to try to get more of the first issue offerings that Dynamite is doing each month like our Marvel, DC and Valiant Comics offerings.

Official Website: http://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/

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