Drummers Put Down Your Sticks; Vic Firth Has Passed Away (1930-2015)

We have just learned of the passing of the great Everett “Vic” Firth and as a longtime patron of the brand he fashioned along with being a former semi-professional drummer this news saddens me greatly. I’ve snagged the official statement from the company’s website about its founders passing which you can see below.

Photo - Vic Firth - RIP 2015

Firth started his famous sticks and mallets company in 1963 and counts among their endorsers such drumming luminaries like Carmine Appice, Steve Gadd and Billy Cobham. My favorite sticks from the Vic Firth Company were initially the 5B nylon tipped ones but over the years I would switch between those and a 5A. I also loved the Carmine Appice model and the Rod Morgenstein model since they felt so good as I thundered around my own kit back in the day. The passing of Vic Firth really makes me want to get the practice pad out of the storage unit and sit with it working out some of the stuff in the “Buddy Rich Snare Drum Rudiments” and “Stick Control” books. I know that I have them here somewhere and the practice pad will be least impacting on the rest of my Co-Op neighbors since one cannot set up a full drum set in a small NYC apartment. Firth’s innovations and designs will continue to allow drummers to hit their mark with precision and we thank him for all that he did for drummers around the world. Rest In Peace Mr. Firth.

Official Wikipedia Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_Firth

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