Dramatic Changes To PiercingMetal’s Regional Event Planner

I wanted to take a quick minute and share with readers about one of the big changes that was made to the PiercingMetal site just this past weekend. As our long time readers are well aware of, the website has had a handy Regional Events Calendar installed under the domain since Launch Day One back in 4/4/2005 and this resource would feature as many of the areas hottest shows and often an album or video release when it was possible to add that information.   I should add that the image below was how this calendar looked up until this past Friday afternoon before it went away in the format that was in play for the past ten years.  So now what you might be wondering.

Photo - PiercingMetal Legacy Calendar - 2015

With the PiercingMetal website hitting its 10th Anniversary back in April and Converting to WordPress just over a year ago it was high time for a change to the Web Calendar.  I found a plugin that I liked and began loading it up with as many upcoming things that I could find so it was immediately a mirror of the upcoming stuff from the old presentation.  To up the ante I even added several new venues and types of happenings to the mix to make this even better than the one that our brand had moved on from.  The historical archive of the entries to the old calendar show that “4,885” items were listed over the past ten years and two months.  That amounts to almost “1,200” entries more than the “3,719” total days that PiercingMetal.com has been online. Whew. The stuff you discover when you love numbers. I was sad to lose all of those legacy listings and I should admit that the idea of none of that being a part of the site anymore almost made me not do the changeover. It was when I realized that no one is looking through the calendar for old show dates likes its an issue of the Village Voice or the East Coast Rocker that my resolve was firmed up to do it. So without any further adieu, please click the link below to see the new Events Calendar for PiercingMetal.com – I hope that you love it as much as I do because I think it has a lot more depth than the older software allowed. There is even a form for readers to point out any glaring omissions that should be added to the mix so by all means use it.

The All-New PiercingMetal Events Calendar: http://piercingmetal.com/events/

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to share this resource with your fellow Metal heads so more people can get to the shows. There are so many great things happening in our Big Metal Apple that need your attention. Now back to the regularly scheduled narratives. Don’t forget to follow along on our social networks which have been placed below for your immediate access.

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