“Downtown The World” by Critical Bill

Artist: Critical Bill
Title: “Downtown the World”
Label: SMC Recordings
Release Date: September 18, 2007
Genre: Metal/Rap Fusion
Rating: 3/5

It’s not easy being a black guy who prefers Hard Rock to what I’m “supposed to like,” namely Rap and Hip-Hop (which, for the record, I largely can’t stand), so I find it intriguing that the Rap and Metal tribes have achieved a certain accord in recent years, leading to efforts like this. With commanding vocals provided by a black dude (“Powerdise”) and music by four game white guys, this is powerful stuff for those who want it but it may not be to the taste of ageing metalheads of a like mind to Yours Truly, so keep that caveat in mind. But, what the hey? Any attempt to forge unity between two seemingly diametrically opposed cultures in American music should be applauded, personal preference notwithstanding, and since both rap and metal play into adolescent male fantasies of power and such, perhaps there’s more common ground between the two tribes than previously considered…

Track Listing:
1. This Is Critical
2. Downtown The World
3. Premium
4. Here I Am
5. My Suicide
6. Breakdown
7. The Shouting
8. The Ride
9. Rock Like That
10. Get High
11. Sky’s Alive
12. Suffa
13. 1,000 Times
14. What U Came Here For
15. How Many Times
16. Drinking Game
17. After Party
18. WTF

Official Website: http://www.critical-bill.com/

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