“Dommin E.P.” by Dommin

Artist: Dommin
Title: “EP”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 8/1/2009
Genre: Melodic Gothic Rock
Rating: 4/5

I had the chance to catch Dommin live in concert a few months ago when they opened up for The Birthday Massacre and most recently doing the same thing for The 69 Eyes; it was at this latest show that I managed to get my hands on the bands tasty little piece of darkness – the “EP”. While it’s only a four track effort I had to say that it is a really good way to absorb the bands infectious brand of melancholy while we wait for their full length album said to be released sometime in 2010. It opens up with the superb “My Heart, Your Hands”, and this brooding track quickly draws you down into the mire of despair that singer/guitarist Kris Dommin is presenting for us all. Clearly this tune speaks to the lovelorn and the heavy use of keyboards and solemn voice make this an instant favorite that I can attest to being a powerful number in the live sense. “Dark Holiday” is a little more lively with an almost cabaret groove at points and by the closing “Awake”, I felt that I was listening to what would happen if Danzig wrote music for The Cure and Depeche Mode back in their earliest heyday from its eighties guitar melodies and pumping groove. This is by no means a slight, as Kris does have a distinct tone of his own but at points sounds just like Glen when it comes down to it. The listener will find that this works very well in the bands material and at the end of the short release you will be very hopeful that we don’t wait too long for “Love Is Gone”, the bands very first full-length recording.

The EP was originally available only via Hot Topic outlets but as I mentioned this was for sale at the shows so if you see them in town pick up a copy. You can also order it via Amazon.com and that’s the best way since not everyone can get to a show or a HT retail space. This is a high recommendation to those fans of the Darker side of Rock and while the delivery is more somber than that of their Horror Punk and Metal counterparts, this amounts to a nice offering that should appease their hungers for something different. Good luck with the full release gentlemen.

Track Listing:
1. My Heart, Your Hands
2. Dark Holiday
3. Without End
4. Awake

Official Website: http://www.dommin.com

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