Doc Coyle Leaves God Forbid & Then God Forbid Also Ends :(

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I must admit that this surprised me but yes, Doc Coyle posted it on his Facebook late on Friday afternoon informing his friends and followers that he was leaving God Forbid after thirteen years at the guitar. That was that we felt, and the plan was to put up a posting to wish Doc the best of luck going forward because I’ve often had the pleasure of meeting him at shows and he was a really nice guy.

God Forbid’s Doc Coyle @ B.B. King’s (2010)

Then it got weirder because in the time that it took for me to get home from the brutalizing Phil Anselmo & The Illegals show, it seemed as though that both Corey Pierce (drummer) and Byron Davis (singer) had each made posts on their personal Facebook pages citing that not only had Doc left the lineup, but that the band God Forbid was over and done as well. That’s a shame for sure because the band had really delivered some serious justice with their latest album “Equilibrium” and in my humble opinion this was probably the best they had done since “IV: Constitution Of Treason”.

God Forbid’s Byron Davis @ B.B. King’s (2010)

I reworked my original posting to reflect the changes and then added some additional band photos. These were taken when they played B.B. King Blues Club back in 2010. There were opening up for Kittie at this show and delivered a crushing set. I always found some enjoyment in their delivery.

God Forbid’s Matt Wicklund @ B.B. King’s (2010)
God Forbid’s Corey Pierce @ B.B. King’s (2010)

Will you readers miss God Forbid? What did their music mean to you as a fan? I am interested in hearing your thoughts but now I will close up this little posting with a wish of good luck to all the bands members as they prepare to adventure into some new creative brainstorming. Thanks for the music you have given us as God Forbid, I look forward to how you all continue to keep Metal flourishing.

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There is a LOT of music to enjoy and appreciate from God Forbid, and here are some links to a majority of it. Do please check it out.

One thought on “Doc Coyle Leaves God Forbid & Then God Forbid Also Ends :(”

  1. Holy shit i’m really bummed out about this! I haven’t seen them since that show they did with Kittie and now i guess i won’t be seeing them again! It suck when Dallas left the band but now everyone is splitting up?? That’s fucked up! I even just saw Byron Davis at the Mayhem Festival recently at the PNC center and he said that they might be working on some new stuff soon! 🙁

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