“Distant Tides” by Dark Empire

Artist: Dark Empire
Title: “Distant Tides”
Label: Independent (Unsigned)
Release Date: 4/25/2006
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

When I received the Dark Empire CD “Distant Tides” I felt the presence of Persuader/Savage Circus singer Jens Carlsson would definitely add some level of promise to the music that I would hear on this release. The vocal powerhouse being coupled with guitar virtuoso Matt Moliti finds the two leading the charge into Power Metal glory bringing to mind similarities of the existing giants Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. The 6 song CD is loaded with stellar tracks and as you listen you will come to agree that without a doubt this band has the potential to stand alongside the notables in the genre. Opener “We Will Never Die” showcase Jens vocal prowess very well, and if you have heard his previous recordings in Persuader and Savage Circus there is no denying the dead on similarities he has to the Blind Guardian front man Hansi. The music is different from theirs of course but the almost spot on sound of the voices might cause confusion to some listeners who catch this in the middle or tail end of the track. I enjoyed “The Alchemist” as well and feel the vivid imagery used in the lyrics does the job you expect of music like this; bringing you to other worlds and times. Moliti also shines on the keyboards during “The Final Vision” which is an instrumental that touches upon the Progressive Metal genre very well.

The group is rounded out by Noah Martin on bass and Teemu Tahkanen on drums and judging by their contributions to the recording you can see that no one in the group is on vacation in terms of playing ability. The CD comes with a fully detailed and lyric provided booklet with art and photos, clearly a lot of work was also laid out for the design and its detail proves ever more that these guys are aiming high from the beginning. Take a look at this release and be prepared for there seems to be a new kid on the Power Metal block – Let’s make sure he is welcome.

Track List:
1. We Will Never Die
2. The Alchemist
3. A Soul Divided
4. Distant Tides
5. Northern Sky
6. The Final Vision

Official Web site: www.mattmoliti.com

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