Dimmu Borgir @ L’Amour Brooklyn (12/12/2003)

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Artist: Dimmu Borgir
Venue: L’Amour’s (Brooklyn NY)
Date: 12-12-2003
Opener: Nevermore, Children Of Bodom, Hypocrisy
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The Dark Gods Of Norwegian Black Metal brought their brand of mayhem to the capacity crowd of L’Amour’s in Brooklyn New York this past week. Believe me this was a night to be reckoned with, I had only been exposed to the music of Dimmu Borgir very recently so my knowledge of the set list would be quite limited for this performance. One of the great things about seeing a band like Dimmu Borgir at L’Amour is the chance to be in very close proximity to the group. The venue itself has undergone some interior remodelling and there are areas where one can be a single foot away (and I dont mean this from the front alone).

Drummer Nick Barker (former of Cradle Of Filth) kept the intensity to a thunderous power. His double bass drums sounding like machine gun fire. Galders playing was frenetic and Mustis keyboard work brought the vibrant orchestrations to life from the newest release “Death Cult Armageddon”. Among the songs played that night and in no certain order were “Progenies Of The Grand Apocalypse” (which although new is my personal favorite). “The Night Masquerade”, “King’s Of The Carnival Creation”, “Mourning Palace”, and much more. The set seemed to run a little over an hour and a half which was impressive. I edged my way between a speaker cabinet to try and get some good photos shot. I admit it was difficult since my little camera and the speed in which the members moved about the stage made it all but impossible. I stood on a level above crowd next to a main speaker and the force from the music was making my hair blow around. I felt as though a machine gun was assaulting me from the force of the drumming.

While I have already noted that I come to their brand of metal late, I still recognize a killer band when I see one. They are led to the charge by the enigmatic frontman known as Shagrath. The crowd of L’Amour was mesmerized by his stage presence for he is as captivating as he is intimidating. On listening to the music from their latest epic as well as their already well known numbers you will notice that there is a regal power in their songs, and they are heavier than shit in a live show.

This evening was a lineup that I was told should not have been missed but scheduling did cause that to happen on my part. Opening for Dimmu Borgir was Nevermore who were also very good. I did see most of their set and I am looking forward to the chance to see them again. Children Of Bodom and Hypocrisy were also on the bill but I missed both bands altogether. The fans I spoke to said I should try to catch them both sometime soon as I would not regret the decision to do so. This will be my intent as both bands are set to return with some other headliners in the near future.

Since this concert there has been some news in the bands life. Drummer Nick Barker has left the lineup and the exact story is unknown to me. The remainder of their tour has been cancelled. This is a shame as one could see by the audience response and the intensity of their musical delivery that they need to halt this in mid tour. Making matters of metal even worse, some weeks after this show L’Amour shut its doors, seemingly for good after over a 20 year history.

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/dimmuborgir/

Editor’s Note: This article was written for another medium prior to the 2005 launch of PiercingMetal.com and has been added to our content for your enjoyment.

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