“Dimevision Vol. 1: This Is The Fun I Have” by Dimebag Darrell

Artist: Dimebag Darrell
Title: “Dimevision Vol. 1: This Is The Fun I Have”
Label: Big Vin Records
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

On December 8, 2004 a crazed gunman jumped on stage and opened fire during the performance of the band Damageplan; in his line of fire was guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and as a result of this attack, the musician and 4 other innocents died unnecessarily. Dimebag was one of the most innovative guitarists that had come to the Heavy Metal scene and along with his Brother laid down some brutal music during their years in Pantera. The band was without compromise musically but eventually disbanded and led to the brothers forming Damageplan. This new band would expand on their musical ideals and desires and be off to a great start until the fateful night. In the almost two years it has been since his murder, his Brother Vinny Paul has formed “Big Vin Records”. With this he has taken great measures to give Dimes fans more ways to remember him than the CD’s that were filled with his great Metal sounds. The first would be the CD “Rebel Meets Rebel” which is collaboration between the Abbotts and Country Western star David Allan Coe. The result is a Country Metal hybrid that was quite interesting to listen to. The review for that CD is elsewhere in these pages so take a look for it. The other release is this DVD and it is a cornucopia of clips and videos that show Dime doing what he did best and having what appears to be a whole lot of fun. As you watch it you can’t help but think that this is the way he would want to be remembered – Kicking ass on the guitar and having crazy fun with his friends. It was an amusing DVD to watch especially considering some of the really early footage of Dime and Vinny in performance. Fans will totally get a kick out of hearing their version of the Metallica classic “Seek and Destroy” which shows us that not only could Dime rip on the guitar very early but he could also do a pretty decent James Hetfield vocal impression when he needed to. This and the other vintage young Dime footage are priceless and perhaps my favorite portions of the DVD.

There are some other great clips of Dime jamming with Zakk Wylde and a barrage of firework fights and messing with each other while on the road. There are photo galleries and a lot of guitar solo segments to enjoy along with a few interviews and interactions with fans. Though it all you see that Dimebag smile as if he didn’t have a care in the world, or take a lot of things far too seriously. This is just the kind of DVD that can help out in the healing process since so many Metal fans were affected by this loss. The teasing and taunting of one another will make you bust a gut while the guitar wizardry will once again impress and have you saying “too soon, he left us too soon”. I recommend this DVD for all fans of Dimes and his music. On December 8th 2004 we lost Dimebag Darrell Abbott to as assassin’s bullet. Let’s never forget him.

Song Listing:
1. Photo Gallery 1
2. Solo Segment 1
3. Army Boy
4. King Dime
5. Wirez Rolax
6. Cinco de Mayo
7. In Store
8. C-Ring and Roids Of London
9. Skate Sesh & Cold Beer
10. BBQ Lizard
11. Solo Segment 2/Krank
12. The Idol
13. Photo Gallery 2
14. Escalade
15. Solo Segment 4
16. Drink & Destroy
17. Jack Russell
18. CNN & DAC
19. Breathing New Bobby
20. 20-40 News
21. Photo Gallery 3
22. Mayhem Hair Dancing
23. My God Its George
24. Redneck Landscaping
25. Uranium
26. Ol’ Morning Glory
27. D.G.T.T.M.
28. Photo Gallery 4
29. EZ E ED
30. Pro Tools
31. Solo Segment 5
32. Magazine Collage

Official Web site: www.dimevision.com
Official Dimebag Memorial Page: http://www.damageplan.com/dime_memorialpage.html

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