Dig It: Lullwater & Ryan White Deliver “Vendetta Black” For Free!

Back in the Fall I had the chance to meet the guys in Lullwater when they were doing a support slot for Flyleaf and I am happy to add that after witnessing a rocking set of 100% pure grade Rock and Roll that a few beers were consumed as well. Lots of laughs, stories about their past and plans for the future. It’s pretty safe to say that if you want to a support a good group of dudes that Lullwater deserves the attention. That being said I recently got some press copy about them where they share the information about a collaboration with musician Ryan White along with their latest video. I’m sharing that piece of press with you below the logo so do kindly check it out before I return.

Logo - Lullwater

The Press Copy:
Athens, GA — Lullwater returned to the studio in early 2015, recording the band’s follow-up to their self-titled album. As an advocate for old school recording technology while still embracing the benefits of Protools, front man John Strickland chose El Paso, TX’ Sonic to deliver an environment of seclusion and pure focus to track REVIVAL. With LULLWATER prior he chose to record at Seattle’s legendary London Bridge Studios in December, 2011 with an interest of entering the historic rooms that made a significant impact to defining the Seattle sound.

Guitarist and singer Strickland offers, “We wanted to continue recording using analog tape because there is nothing quite like it. It has a unique and vintage sound that captures the genuine feel of the musician playing an instrument. The rhythm section was recorded directly to tape and you can definitely hear it. It’s warm, fat sound gave us the backbone of the album. With that being said, we also wanted to explore pro tools and experiment with different guitar sounds. We played out of vintage amps with heavy tones but all the while coming back to mix on tape.” He continues, “The goal was to create a hard hitting, powerful, riffy rock record that had a lot of energy but also get to experiment with different song structuring to push the boundaries of what we have done in the past. I definitely think we accomplished that. This record, is an expression of that vision. I personally want to be able to feel more original rock and the vision is to create a different feel in rock music coming from our influences. I think this record accomplished that goal. I think in this age of digital dependency and electronic over production, the band wanted to stay true to a certain sound and play genuine rock on tape. Not too overproduced to take away the feel of us playing our instruments. To me, real rock is at its finest when it’s raw and it’s people in a band genuinely playing together and capturing it in the live setting. Musically, I think we did and it shows our diversity as a group.”

Prior to releasing the album, Lullwater has released a gratis download in gratitude to the band’s fans. While touring with Flyleaf in 2014, they became close with Ryan White. The band has re-recorded his track, “Vendetta Black,” as a collaboration. White shares, “I remember writing Vendetta, having that defiant, passionate violence of the youthful nature of Rock and Roll. ‘Fuck you, this is who I am, and who I always will be. This is what I’ll die for.’ When performing the song on tour with Lullwater, I felt that feeling again, through them, as we performed it together. It’s a lovely time stamp on a great tour, but really, I wanted them to have it because they understood it. Rock and Roll isn’t cool for the first time in my life. It makes the song mean more. I hope Lullwater takes this record and burns the music industry to the ground with it. Because… that’d be pretty cool.” Lullwater collectively offer, “Ryan is an incredible musician who we met, and felt an instant connection with on the Flyleaf tour last winter. When it was time to record the album, we made a last minute call to Ryan and asked him if he would want to collaborate in the studio, tracking this nugget from his catalog with the band. He made the trip to Texas, the end result being snapshot in time commemorating our friendship and respect for each other as musicians.” The recording will be available until June 1 as a gratis download here: http://tinyurl.com/vendettablack

The journey of Lullwater is fueled by the spirit of pure independence. Over the last several years, the quartet from Athens, GA has toured consistently building a fan base market by market without the engine of rock radio fueling widespread discovery. It is in the spirit of resilience, passion, unity, defiance, and love for their fans that the band has yielded a successful cottage industry.

As Lullwater traversed the highways of North America, the band has been consistently driven to stay true to their commitment to one another, and their connection to the audience. From the moment the touring began, they remained simply a band that writes, records, and performs music they want to hear and play because of a pure believe in it and love for it. The have bucked the mainstream, and as much as they persevere for popularity, their dreams of success have never been purely fueled by the avenue of writing commercially generic rock staples. Strickland reflects, “I think the message has been clear since the last record, and has carried over into this new album with more intensity. If this path does not yield the trappings of what we aspire to, I know that our passion and commitment to see it through will never capitulate regardless of the outcome. We stay true to the ideals, and simply this road is a life choice. Inevitably, this is an exercise in giving up a portion of yourself for the betterment of the greater good. As any musician knows, you have to sacrifice a lot of important things in your personal life to follow your passion.”
REVIVAL continues the growth of the band’s own Dinobird Records label, following LULLWATER, which was issued on September 17, 2013. The band’s commitment to passion, honesty, drive, perseverance, and integrity will continue to fuel their engine to reach the heights of developing that elusive national presence. The band members are John Strickland (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Brett Strickland (Lead Guitar), Roy “Ray” Beatty (Bass) and Joe Wilson (Drums)

The Video Can Be Enjoyed Below So Check It Out:

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I loved the track based on the video and think its a perfect compliment to the sound that the Lullwater dudes are bringing down. I’m hard pressed to think that you will not enjoy it as well so do give it a chance because free hurts no one and this good will should be shared often with those friends who share common musical interests to you. I felt a very distinct “90’s Era” Hard Rock vibe to this tune which is not a bad thing since there were so many awesome bands for the genre during those years and it makes sense for them to be of influence to the band. Keep watching the listings to see when and where the guys might be performing live next and be sure to hit their merchandise table because they are dudes that love talking to new friends interested in their music. You know that you need a Lullwater selfie for your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram so make that happen. A link to their most recently released album is below. What did you folks think about the tune and the video? Does you likey? Does you not so much? Let’s discuss in the comments which have been left open for you to do so.

Official Website: http://www.lullwatermusic.com/

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