Check Out “Islander” by Ville Akseli Juurikkala

Sometimes I do things over on my side website that I want to share with my readers because I feel that it would interest them very much and such was the case with this recent posting about the “Islander” photo exhibit by Ville Akseli Juurikkala. Ville’s name is synonymous with the likes of Nightwish, The 69 Eyes and HIM as far as Finnish music is concerned and has shot numerous photos of them. His exhibit “Islander” however, is a very different look into his creative mind.

Click Invite to see “Islander”

For the next few weeks, Ville will be showcasing a number of photographs from his native land and use the proceeds to raise money to help out efforts on the preservation of the Baltic Sea. The presentation is being held at the Irina Helsinki NYC Concept Store in NYC and I attended the show’s opening night. Since this was not a music related showcase I posted my findings and images over on the site and you can enjoy this by clicking the official invitation above. I’ll be back to the regular reviews that you expect on this site after this short commercial break 🙂

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