“Diary Of A Madman” (Blasphemy Edition) by Ozzy Osbourne

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Title: “Diary Of A Madman” (Blasphemy Edition)
Label: Epic Records
Release Date: 4/2/2002
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 1/5

I mentioned in my overview for the “remaster” of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic “Blizzard Of Ozz” how based on litigation with Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake that the management of the Osbourne side had delivered the remaster of the classic recording with the bass and drums done by Rob Trujillo and Mike Bordin in their place. Unfathomable right? Well it happened and since these two musicians were also on the sophomore album of “Diary Of A Madman” the same process was done to this release. Why not hit the Metal fans with an additional dose of horrendous lightning. The end result takes an otherwise exciting piece of music and makes a mockery of it all by doing this and the reason for my review being amped up with vitriol and venom is purely to let the world know that this is not okay to do no matter what the rationale is. Ozzy would have been better served at re-recording the whole piece as a new release with his band at the time but such things were not done as often as they were today.

With “Diary” the same louder bass and often slipped hit of the drums are apparent to those whose ears were raised on the original and once again I maintain that I hold no malice against Trujillo and Bordin as they were just doing the job they got paid for. One can only hope that this black mark on their talents doesn’t haunt them forever. I won’t speak much about how the interstellar guitar work of Randy Rhoads seems lower on the editions but it seemed that way to me but of course Ozzy is louder in these new mixes. It was a difficult listen and I think if you held the original version in any regard that you will not make it past the third track based on the level of disgust the action merits. The CD does come with a photo loaded booklet and the lyrics to the songs but the damage is done and this release really holds very little value to any fan of Metal because purchasing it says that it is okay to have done this to the original creative team. Maybe the hard core Trujillo and Bordin fans want them for posterity but all other fans should steer clear from these recordings and direct their hate mail to the Ozzy Osbourne management side for even attempting to put one over on the fan base.

Move along folks, there is nothing to see here. Now give us some real remasters Ozzy. No more bullshit like these two albums. Thanks.

Track Listing:
1. Over The Mountain
2. Flying High Again
3. You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll
4. Believer
5. Little Dolls
6. Tonight
7. S.A.T.O.
8. Diary Of A Madman
9. I Don’t Know – Live (Bonus)

Official Website: www.ozzyosbourne.com

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