“Diabolis Interium” (remaster) by Dark Funeral

Artist: Dark Funeral
Title: “Diabolis Interium” (remaster)
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 7/31/2007
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

When it comes to the Black Metal genre and the scores of bands who toil and sweat over their craft there are probably choice few that manage to do it as well as the guys in Dark Funeral. “Diabolis Interium” is the bands third release and quite possibly their finest recorded moment of them all and this strong production comes at the hands of Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy/Bloodbath). The album is a blistering assault force of Black Metal fury and this is a dose of the purely evil stuff with no additives or ingredients to soften the harshness of the bands recipe for mayhem. It hits you right off the top with “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire” and the interesting thing is how the razor fast guitar riffing offers up some elements of symphonic atmosphere yet no keyboards are to be found on the release whatsoever. They don’t slow down much with “Hail Murder”, one of the bands best tunes in the catalog and a popular live mainstay, but do shift gears for “Goddess of Sodomy” which finds them exploring a trudging groove as opposed to insane levels of speed. The premise of the bands work is as blasphemous as ever and perhaps not for the weak or easily offended listener which we find demonstrated during “An Apprentice of Satan” and it’s clear that the band couldn’t care less if they shock you with the intensity that they are presenting. The band for the recording was Lord Ahriman (guitar), Emperor Magus Caligula (vocals/bass), Matte Modin (drums) and Dominion (guitars) and when you hear the way this album comes across you would swear there was at least two more players responsible for what was assaulting your ears. If you are one of those new study’s to the Black Metal scene and like what you have heard about Dark Funeral and are debating looking a little more into them then this is probably the best place to start. If you like this you can go backward in time and snare copies of the earlier stuff. “Diabolis Interium” finds the band totally on top of their game and delivering the sinister goods without any compromise. The remastered edition includes a booklet that presents a number of terrifying photos of the band and also offers up the lyrics to the songs. Be advised this is some really crazy stuff so if you don’t think you can handle what you might read then just listen to the music. Caligula screams so fast that the novice listener could never hope to understand him anyway. This is a recommendation for those who want to explore the truly dark side of Metal and fear not the things they might find. The remastering process on this album delivers a great level of sonic assault and will make this one of the most played Black Metal releases in your collection.

CD2: An Apprentice Of Satan, The Trial (King Diamond), Dead Skin Mask (Slayer), Remember The Fallen (Sodom), Pagan Fears (Mayhem).

*** The bonus CD included with the remaster of “Diabolis Interium” is actually a re-packaged version of the bands EP that bore the title “Teach Children To Worship Satan” and it’s a great bit of Dark Funeral history to sink ones teeth into. It’s special since it featured a preview of a track that would appear on “Diabolis” in “An Apprentice of Satan” and then the rest of the tracks are the bands foray into cover tune territory. Fortunately for the listener these covers are very appropriate for a band like Dark Funeral to do and as result we find the band trying their hand at the likes of Slayer, King Diamond, Sodom and Mayhem. Of the bunch I found myself enjoying the Slayer and King Diamond numbers the most since while heavy tracks under their originators I never expected to find a Black Metal band giving them a whirl. While I recognize the impact of Mayhem and Sodom, I had never really followed them so it was on the educational side when it came to hearing how a band like Dark Funeral would do their tunes. Including this EP with the remastered edition was a great idea since it allowed the fans to have more to sink their fangs into.

Track Listing:
1. Arrival Of Satan’s Empire
2. Hail Murder
3. Goddess Of Sodomy
4. Diabolis Interium
5. Apprentice Of Satan
6. Thus I Have Spoken
7. Armageddon Finally Comes
8. Heart Of Ice

Official Website: www.darkfuneral.se

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