“Devastation Of Musculation” by Thor

Artist: Thor
Title: “Devastation Of Musculation”
Label: Smog Veil Records
Release Date: 7/25/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

All Hail the return of the Mighty Thor! Yes, Canada’s muscle man of Metal has recorded a follow-up to his very well received “Thor Against The World” and it boils down to a “Devastation Of Musculation”. Thor said of the new album that “people are under pressure to achieve the impossible everyday and trying to make sense of these desperate measures is what this album is all about”. In that he continues his tales of bravery and strength in the face of adversity and above all believing in one’s own power to face any obstacle. It’s a positive way of thinking in terms of Hard Rock and Metal music where so much of the bands today focus on the darker aspect of things. Those who have heard Thor in the past, know very well of his constant efforts to hold high the powers of the Rock Warrior. When you listen to Thor, you cannot expect to find the expanding Power Metal elite but instead a return to a simpler musical time and subject matter is what comes into play. Thor is to be admired and complimented for this zeal, for while not possessing the range of lets say Rob Halford, he does sing with energy and enthusiasm that has made him a popular musical personality for the 30 years he has been in the business. Musically this is a very fun album as well, and with songs like “Lies Of Eternity”, “Cold White Ghost” and “Union Of Power” he shows that there is a solid level of musical strength to work with his lyrics and subject matter. Thor also delivers a ballad on the album in “Abandon”, which is this recordings version of “Turn To Blue” (one of the best songs off “Thor Against The World”). If you can take this CD as what it is supposed to do and that is entertain I think it’s a winner and in a world that so sorely needs heroes today, isn’t it nice to know that Thor walks among us? Raise the hammers high.

Track Listing:
1. Lords Of Steel
2. Devastation Of Musculation
3. Lies Of Eternity
4. Cold White Ghost
5. Queen Of The Damned
6. Union Of Power
7. The Return Of Odin’s Son
8. Release The Beast
9. Abandon
10. Tales Of The Wolf/Warriors Of The Universe

Official Website: www.thorcentral.com

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