“Detention Lounge” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Detention Lounge”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 1/30/2007
Genre: Hardcore/Comedy
Rating: 1/5

Perhaps it was a great idea to mix Hardcore music and sketch comedy together and then again perhaps it was not. Formulated by Bocko, the lead singer of NYC’s Hardcore band Weedkiller, the “Detention Lounge” is a show that was clearly inspired by the likes of the classic Country Western Comedy show “Hee Haw”. Yet despite this influence it was not nearly as funny and no matter how hard I tried, I found it very difficult to be entertained by this release. The cast seems to either be trying too hard or not at all and it got a little confusing to me as a viewer. It’s done with a very limited budget which is apparent by the camera work, scenery and overall presentation of the musical guests. Some of the performers seem to be in a basement, but any musician has been there in their life so that’s not too bad but when Purple Pam performs – she is very visibly singing in someone’s apartment. I hope the neighbors didn’t complain about that one since she was the best part of the show. She has a great voice, presence and is very out of place in the context of the other segments on the show. Weedkiller’s vocalist is present all over the show and that makes sense since it was his creation in the first place. Talk about creating an acting and producing vehicle for oneself. Also featured are comedians Don Jamieson, Jim Florentine, Wayno Draino and former Biohazard guitarist Bobby Hambel. My guess is that this is best for fans of the presented bands who want to see them in anything that they do or Hardcore fans in general who want to support the scene as it remains in today’s music environment.

Two episodes of the program are presented and there are about a dozen extra musical performances for the viewers to enjoy and a fair amount of outtakes for those who like that sort of stuff. To be fair at least these guys are trying something different but in all honesty it is for a very limited audience. It needs a lot of work and refinement for it to become anything more than an underground level, cult hit.

Featured Bands:
1. Weedkiller
2. Jesus Knevil
3. Krust
4. Purple Pam & Flip
5. Sun Lord

Official Website: www.detentionlounge.com

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