Destruction @ The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (3/19/2014)

They are known as one of the “Three Kings Of Teutonic Thrash” and their name is Destruction. Sonically they are a no holds barred assault on the fabric of Heavy Metal music and its been a couple of years since we found them paying our region a visit. Tonight that would end with the band locking in a gig at the still kind of new Marlin Room space in NYC’s Webster Hall. For those who are still curious about this one, its the space on the middle level of the Webster Hall building and it holds about 500 people depending on the setup. Destruction would be bringing along both Krisiun and Widow as their national acts and start the fans off with some talented local support. Click the logo to be brought to the full concert article and the photo galleries. Then do return to this space to enjoy some images from the show that can only be seen here since they are rather exclusive to PiercingMetal’s Blog.

Logo - Destruction

Artist: Destruction
Venue: The Marlin Room at Webster Hall
Opener: Krisiun, Widow
Date: 3/19/2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s been a couple of years since the mighty Destruction has been to NYC and if you followed the bands social mediums during that last run you will know full well how that visit was not a good experience for the band. Their founder Schmier publicly lashed out about the bad promoters and venue treatment and in some cases even the fans but that was then and this is now because Destruction was coming back and bringing along the intensity of Krisiun and Widow as their lead off national act. Some dates would feature Exmortus but our Metropolis would find Widow on the bill and I was fine with that as I had wanted to see them for a couple of years now but never got the chance. March Metal Madness was going to be kicked up a notch for sure. Here is how it went down for those who did not attend. The show was held at The Marlin Room at Webster Hall which is a reasonably new space in the massive building and one that holds a couple of hundred more than the downstairs space known as The Studio at Webster Hall. I like its overall spaciousness and there is more room to find a circle pit happening so be aware of that should you be attending a show there. Tonight’s fun would start early and feature two local acts by way of Metalfier and Winter Nights. I’ve seen both bands before and like their spirit for the game and suggest you check them out if the time is there to do so. I walked in when Winter Nights was closing out their set after a fun pregaming time at The 13th Step which is a favorite watering hole for me when hitting this particular venue. Widow hit the stage at 8:30 and this is where I pick up the larger part of my coverage.

Widow: The three piece band Widow arrived to the stage amidst a shit ton of smoke and it brought me back to the early days of L:’Amour where suck a device was commonplace. I loved it and was very impressed by their level of Classic Metal meets Thrash Metal. I mentioned having heard the name for a couple of years but luck was not on my side when it came to catching them in concert so I was very glad that they would be doing this tonight. The bands front man is actually bassist John Wooten IV and he was getting extra points from me by his sporting of a Savatage shirt this evening in addition to keeping the Metal blood pumping right from the start. The band is rounded out by Chris Bennett and Jason Wheeler on guitar and drums respectively. The bands traditional level of Heavy Metal is quite enjoyable and after the set they were found convening with friends and meeting with any interested fans. I made sure to enjoy a beer or three with them as well as we waited for Krisiun to destroy the stage. Widow’s latest album is entitled “Life’s Blood” and its available on Pure Steel Records so do please check them out when you get a chance.

Krisiun: I am blanking on the last time that I caught Krisiun in concert but I do have the ability to admit to readers that I have caught this band on numerous occasions over the years and if my calculations are correct tonight will be the eighth or ninth time that I will be professionally photographing them. Those who have seen the band before know full well that this three piece group is an onslaught to the Metal senses and a group that does nothing less than deliver some crushing blows to your collective heads. They hit the stage with their usual force and there is not a whole lot of talking from the group on the whole during a performance. It’s pretty much left at “Hey New York we’re Krisiun” and then they destroy your for about an hour. I’m okay with that because it’s a Metal show and not a lecture hall. The fans up close definitely take the full brunt of force that a Krisiun set puts out and I always line out how I feel as though I need to check my fillings afterwards since my body has taken such an assault. They started out with “Kings Of Killing” which brings us WAY back to 1998’s “Apocalyptic Revelation” and the frenzy was on from here. The three brothers are now experts at the craft of Extreme Death Metal if you ask me and while their set was giving the audience a taste of a little of every release over the past decade plus there didn’t appear to be anything from their debut this evening. The eleven song set featured a punishing drum solo that seemed to test the limits of the skins on the bass drums while it was happening. Yikes that was some thunder and when it all ended with the closing tune “Ominous” the fans seemed exhausted from what had just happened. That was too bad because Destruction would be up on the stage shortly and there will be no quarter given when that happens. Let the games continue.

krisiun, krisiun concert photos
Krisiun by Ken Pierce (2014)
krisiun, krisiun concert photos
Krisiun by Ken Pierce (2014)

Destruction: Now while I mentioned how it had been a few years Destruction came to town I should admit that it’s been even longer between my own catching them on the stage. I think the last time was at Highline Ballroom and that was a sick show since the space is an open square and with the frenzy of the audience it was like swimming in a shark tank with an open cut. I was glad to find them hitting this Marlin Room space since it’s somewhat similar and is still a new space for me to enjoy a Metal band. The smoke once again covered the stage as the taped intro of “Days Of Confusion” played over the speakers and increased the level of anticipation in the fans in attendance. Suddenly there was Schmier and guitarist Mike Srfinger ready to do their thing and the opening tune of “Thrash Till Death” set the Metal ball rolling. Now for those who have not yet seen Destruction in concert, please know that the band keeps three microphones on the stage and this allows the towering front man to sing from whatever vantage point he prefers. I remember one gig where the fans got a little crazy and actually knocked one of these things down and it pissed off Schmier to great extent. Apparently he is using his own mics and not the ones of the house. Thinking of this made me chuckle a little because one of the submissions to the contest I held for the show found a reader citing how he hoped Schmier would yell at the audience again. Now this is a foolish stand to take considering what a big guy Schmier actually is. Still you gotta love the brazen Metalhead these days. Destructions most recent album is now officially a few years old with “Spiritual Genocide” and unlike bands that immerse you in a recent release, Destruction only handed us our heads with the title track and “Carnivore”. I had to say that I like when bands such as Destruction give their audience a career encompassing set such as this. It’s much more satisfying at the end of the day. Personal highlights for me from the Destruction set came via “Mad Butcher”, “Nailed To The Cross” and the surprise cover of the Venom classic “Black Metal”. It was the penultimate tune before they returned to close out the night with “The Butcher Strikes Back” and longtime fans will agree that this is the perfect song to end a Destruction set with.

When all was said and done this was a rock solid package for the fans so I was glad that I made it out to this one. Everyone performed with excellence and if you were one who decided to pass up on it then I don’t know what to tell you. The crowd was a little light in comparison to what could have been there but those who enjoyed their time here, really enjoyed their time here and that is all that matters in the end. I watched as the floor never stopped moving and how the bar was kept busy throughout the night. This was only the second night of the tour according to the itinerary that I saw and my hope is that it was a good one in the bands eyes and leaves Schmier satisfied with its outcome so he maps out the plans for return again sooner rather than later.

Full Krisiun Photo Gallery:
Full Destruction Photo Gallery:

Krisiun Set List:
1. Kings of Killing
2. Combustion Inferno
3. The Will to Potency
4. Vicious Wrath
5. Vengeance’s Revelation
6. Descending Abomination
7. Ravager
8. Drum Solo
9. Slain Fate
10. Blood of Lions
11. Ominous

Destruction Set List:
1. Days of Confusion @Tape
2. Thrash Till Death
3. Spiritual Genocide
4. Nailed to the Cross
5. Mad Butcher
6. Armageddonizer
7. Eternal Ban
8. Life Without Sense
9. Beyond Eternity @Tape
10. Release from Agony
11. Carnivore
12. Hate Is My Fuel
13. Death Trap
14. Tears of Blood
15. Drum & Bass Solo
16. Tormentor
17. Invincible Force
18. Antichrist
19. Bullets From Hell
20. Desecrators Of The New Age
21. Total Desaster
22. Bestial Invasion
23. Curse the Gods
24. Black Metal
25. The Butcher Strikes Back

While the Webster Hall building has a terrific marquee, the Destruction show was not cited on it so instead I just am once again presenting the tours poster.

There was merchandise to be found everywhere and here is the stuff that I shot. I will start off with the local boys of Metalfier and Winter Nights.



Now let’s take a look at the cool stuff from North Carolina’s own Widow.





Here are the necessities from our headliner this evening. Surely you have cash for these items as they are must haves.




I think I need to do a few blogs that showcase the tip jar signs that I observe on these Metal adventures. There certainly are some amusing ones. I felt bad for this poor girl though. Addicted to crap like Chipotle when there are so many awesome Mexican Restaurants around towns like our own Metal Metropolis. Oh well, if that is all she can get on the road I understand.


Some candid shots with the Widow guys since we had the chance to do that.





Also snagged a shot of the Winter Nights singer and his lovely lady.


Here’s a few friends from up in Middletown, NY – the one and only Steve Keeler from Rock Fantasy which is one of our favorite shops for Metal things and a rocking game of pinball. His shop will be celebrating thirty years later on in 2014 so stay tuned for any coolness on that.



Fasten your seatbelt…’s showtime….


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