“Destroy What You Enjoy” by Powerman 5000

Artist: Powerman 5000
Title: “Destroy What You Enjoy”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Genre: Hard Rock/Punk Edge
Rating: 4/5

Every now and then an album comes out at the right moment in time. Timing can be everything and Powerman 5000’s “Destroy What You Enjoy” may have timing on it’s side. DWYE feels like a solid summer party album. It’s loaded with a good kind of mindless, catchy fun and when you listen to tracks like “Wild World”, you feel it would be right at home blasting at a BBQ or a keg party. The songs are solid throughout with a quality production level finding the guitar sounds of Johnny Heatley and Terry Corso heavy. Heavy, but not with a grating feel and instead using a clever yet minimal use of effects. DWYE is rawer and thrashy with less effected/electronic elements than the band was known to use in the past offerings. I would say while dispensing their Sci-Fi they are displaying a more punk-pop influence.
Spider’s vocals are strong with a great raspy quality that keeps him from sounding cheesy, like so many of the whiney sounding, pop-punk singers that seem to be rehashing lame uninspired, follow the guitar chord, melody lines. Spider’s vocals have a power and rawness that I enjoy quite a bit.

This is an offering that could gain PM5K new fans while possibly alienating some as well. That is the chance you take with evolution especially in the music industry. Some people don’t like when a bands sound evolves passed what they are accustomed to. Personally, I like when a band mixes things up as it is supposed to be a creative endeavor. Change is part of the creative process after all.

While I don’t feel DWYE is a work of boundary expanding genius or innovation with the move to a more Punk than Metal sound. DWYE is a well-crafted album that does rock, and it rocks hard. Sometimes that is all you need.

Track Listing:
1. Construction Of The Masses Pt. 1
2. Destroy What You Enjoy
3. Return To The City Of The Dead
4. Wild World
5. Enemies
6. Murder
7. Now That’s Rock N Roll
8. All My Friends Are Ghosts
9. Walking Disaster
10. Who Do You Think You Are?
11. Construction Of The Masses Pt. 2
12. Miss America
13. Heroes and Villains (Live)

Official Website: www.powerman5000.com

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