“Deep Red Shadows” by Lillian Axe

Artist: Lillian Axe
Title: “Deep Red Shadows”
Label: Love & War Records
Release Date: 6/20/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

Fans of the band Lillian Axe are sure to celebrate the bands newest release “Deep Red Shadows” because it is not only a handful of new tunes composed by guitarist Steve Blaze but it is also part acoustic EP with four of the numbers being stripped down songs from across the bands catalog. It begins with “Under The Same Moon” which has a pretty solid groove to it and a chorus that for some reason reminded me of Saigon Kick. Its funny how one incredibly overlooked band is reminding me of another one but I digress. There are big things going on in the music with this one and if you remember their last release “Sad Day On Planet Earth” you will recall how the band is no longer a Glam Slam outfit and more of a Progressive Melodic Rock enterprise at times and capable of twisting and turning your brain with tasteful riffs and melody. “47 Ways To Die” might be a fast favorite for many based on how it drives but I had to lend preferential treatment to the bands epic “A Minute Of Years” because there is just so much going on with this one. It begins slow and reaches a crescendo only to bring you on the ride of your life. Blaze is cooking with the guitar on this one and is to be commended for his ability. As you complete these few numbers you will likely be scratching your head wondering how you had never heard more about them over the years but in truth some of Hard Rock’s best talent has remained in the underground scene. It’s a shame, but only finds them supported all the more strongly by those who believe in their musical cause. It’s high time to rally the troops my friends.

When the album reaches track five, it’s a revisit to the bands Glam Rock time of recording and also a re-presentation of some of their other classics from across a wide range of albums. “Nobody Knows” is a wonderful ballad when done electrically and in the acoustic sense it just might find some new interest. It’s the kind of song that should have been a blockbuster and found the band on radio stations everywhere but this was sadly not the case. “The Day I Met You” comes originally from “Psychoschizophrenia” which is an album I never got my hands on nor ever heard and I really enjoyed this track. “Sad Day On Planet Earth” comes from the bands last album that bore the same name and it was interesting hearing this track in the acoustic manner since it was on the heavier side and really works. I will let a little of this surprise you and say how the album closes with a skillful instrumental piece. In the end this part of the release had me thinking how good a completely acoustic Lillian Axe album would be. While I am not sure how tunes like “Laughing In Your Face” or “Dream Of A Lifetime” would work out, I would surely give it a chance. The playing on the release is sound and this is a great jumping on point for new fans. Now is truly the perfect time to get into Lillian Axe. The band has released this recording on Blaze’s new label Love And War Records but sadly this will be the last go round for singer Derrick LeFevre. The vocalist moved on and has been replaced in the lineup by former Metal Church singer Ronny Munroe. I liked Derrick quite a bit on the material I heard him do but I have high hopes about what Munroe will bring to the table.

Track Listing:
1. Under The Same Moon
2. 47 Ways To Die
3. The Quenching Of Human Life
4. A Minute Of Years
5. Nobody Knows
6. The Day I Met You
7. Sad Day On Planet Earth
8. Nocturnal Symphony
9. Deep Red Shadows

Official Website: http://www.lillianaxe.com

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