“Dead Reckoning” by Threshold

Artist: Threshold
Title: “Dead Reckoning”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 4/3/2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4/5

Behold England’s answer to Dream Theater in the Progressive Metal juggernaut Threshold! Long referred to as the U.K.’s best provider of this genre it is easy to see why when the first track on the release begins. “Slipstream” draws you into the bands world by bringing levels of technical ability with dynamic vocal harmony and leads on top of a rousing chorus that has you singing with them right out of the gate. It makes sense as this is not a new band at all, but a seasoned and dynamic group that has moved on from Progressive Music leaders InsideOut and now rests firm and comfortable in the arms of Nuclear Blast Records. They groups addition to an already powerful roster offers the label fans a slightly different take on what they might be used to. Their label debut “Dead Reckoning” has a big and live sound to it and amid the dynamic technical skills that are showcased you find yourself continually intrigued and not bored by all the wizardry. “This Is Your Life” reminded me of “Status Seeker”, an old DT song based on the way this one was sticking in my memory and it never hurts a band to find their sound calling to mind parts of a group like Dream Theater.

Outside of the excellent musicianship by Karl Groom (guitars), Richard West (Keyboards), Steve Anderson (bass), and Johanne James (drums) you have the incredible voice of Andrew “Mac” McDermott. He shines across the whole recording if you ask me and for this genre has one of the best voices I have heard in some years. The key to success in a band like this is an equal mix of music and vocal expertise and Threshold shows you they are in full command of this on epic tracks like “Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams”. This song brings to life a little bit of everything that the band is about as they test and push the limits of acceptable Prog-Metal Rock. The guys also have special guest vocals from Nightingale’s Dan Swano on a couple of numbers and together they show that this is not your Fathers Progressive Rock. The lush structures and patterns keep the listener entertained at all times and it’s a great way to remind the world that Progressive Metal still holds a lot of surprises for everyone. These guys show a great love for Metal on top of their Progressive and I think that was great to find to be the case. Grab a hold of this one and get ready for action as you stand upon the Threshold of exciting new musical adventures.

Track Listing:
1. Slipstream
2. This Is Your Life
3. Elusive
4. Hollow
5. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
6. Fighting For Breath
7. Disappear
8. Safe To Fly
9. One Degree Down

Official Website: www.thresh.net

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