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DC Comics “The New 52” Second Issues: “Green Lantern” Titles

As previously blogged about in the PiercingMetal Musings; DC Comics recently re-launched a number of titles and started them off from issue #1 under the branding of “The New 52”. The initiative’s prime objective being to up the number of titles available each month and to offer new readers an easier chance to jump on board with their characters. The New 52 titles have been grouped into eight specifications such as Superman or Batman themed titles. Last month we blogged about as many of the individual first issues as we could get our hands on and segmented each of the posts based on what family they fell into. Here is our continuation of the overview with the second issues of the Green Lantern family of titles.

“Green Lantern” #2

Green Lantern #2: I mentioned in my synopsis of Green Lantern #1 that we were dealing with a non-ringed Hal Jordan (who had apparently been disgraced in the eyes of both the Corps and The Guardians and hence was denied his incredible Power Ring) and strangely enough it appeared as though the villainous Sinestro was now on patrol in this sector of space and once again had the ring. Whether this is the Guardians larger plan or there is a defect in the great battery who knows, we only seem to know that Sinestro is once again a Green Lantern whether he likes it or not. The once and perhaps still super villain comes to Jordan with a proposal and that is he will fashion a ring for him to wear but there is clearly more than one catch. The Sinestro created ring cannot harm the Korugarian and Jordan can only keep it if he agrees to be bound to Sinestro’s will. The two fight but Jordan’s new ring is no match for its creators and after some battling against each other, the unmatchable powers of the ring is needed to save innocent people from a recently destroyed bridge. The pair butt heads during the rescue and in the end Sinestro shows just how powerful he remains and how the ring is much “bigger” than Jordans flying around and making shapes out of its energies. A sinister presence is found to be behind the bridges destruction and this creature is after Sinestro and labeling him a traitor to his own Sinestro Corps. I will not ruin how this battle ends but apparently the beings that Sinestro left behind to guard his world are now its masters and need to be dealt with. Hence the meeting and alliance with Jordan. This just got a whole lot more interesting to say the least. The creative team remains Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy and Keith Champagne. Nice tight artwork and a fast paced storyline. Great job on issue #2.

“Green Lantern Corps” #2

Green Lantern Corps #2: We last found the Corps dispatched to see why some of their number were missing and in fact they had been brutally murdered. A remote world was the next discovery and the entire populace was dead while the other missing Green Lanterns were found with their rings and fingers removed. There was something nasty out there with a bone to pick with the GL’s that was for sure. We do meet the sinister presence that is behind everything but they are not really revealed or their methods explained. They appear to be a race of thieves who are stripping other planets of their natural resources. One only can guess that the murder of the Green Lanterns and whatever other race they encounter is simply because they were “in the way” of their plans. A typical evil villain motif yes? The Lanterns manage to get in the way of the evils next attack but they lose one of their own to them in the process. This Corps member is eventually returned but he comes back with the entire villainous force behind him. I sense a bloodbath with issue #3 and #4. The creative forces of Tomasi, Pasarin and Hanna keeps you glued to each and every page. This title remains strong with issue #2. Keep it coming.

“Green Lantern: New Guardians” #2

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2: When we last saw Kyle Rayner he was in a little bit of trouble because a number of the power rings from across the spectrum and various Corps had all focused themselves on “choosing” him to be their bearer. Remember that these rings normally choose its replacement wearer except in this new storyline where Ganthet gave Rayner his Green Lantern power ring. We found the other members of these rings corps being not too happy with the situation and they wanted their comrade’s rings back. Four against one proves to be a nasty fight but Kyle demonstrates his heroism by not wanting innocent citizens harmed and while it seems as though Star Sapphire is in his corner there are others who are not in their number. There is a lot of action across the first section of the book and when a Blue Lantern shows up, he and Rayner head to OA to get some answers. Do they find them out? Well, I shall not ruin this part for you but will say that a startling transformation comes about. Bedard, Kirkham, Tolibao Batt make it all happen for the readers and I am down with this title.

“Red Lanterns” #1

Red Guardians #2: Did not review.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Closing up I would have to say that the Green Lantern grouping of titles that I examined is keeping it interesting with enough of the various mysteries that are taking place having some of the reasoning revealed as the tales develop. I did feel that both the Corps and New Guardians titles were faster reads than Lantern itself happened to be but I didn’t mind that. Perhaps I spoke to soon about my reservation on four different titles for the Green Lantern mythos. Bring on issue #3 is all I can say.

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