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DC Comics Releases “Dark Days: Metal” Specialized Buttons

Back in July, DC Comics revealed that some awesome buttons were heading to the comic book retailers in connection with the “Dark Days: Metal” series and the one-shots but let me have the official press copy tell you that on its own.

The Press Release: DC Comics are rolling out a series of six collectible pins in promotion of Dark Days: Metal and its associated one-shots. The pins will be themed to the “Evil Batmen” one-shots, with each one being released in tandeom with those issues. The pins will be sold to retailers for $5 per 25 pin bundle, with the opportunity to get complimentary pins should they fulfill certain ordering levels.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I will tell you right now that I LOVE pins and buttons. I don’t usually sport them on my jacket nowadays but instead toss them into visual pieces that visitors to my domicile can enjoy. This way I don’t lose them in the fray of Heavy Metal concerts or convention wanderings. The last time I remember DC Comics doing a big button push was for the Flashpoint stuff and of course the 75th Anniversary of Batman and Superman which we have secured a couple of for our personal collection. If they did any for Wonder Woman and Flash or Joker I didn’t see them around at the comic store but I digress. The way that you readers can get your exclusive buttons is by asking your retailer if he is going to have them in the first place when these issues hit their racks and if they can secure you one for each of the respective issues. It’s a pretty simple process so happy collecting. See you next time and if you need some referral to the September comic issues just click on THIS LINK.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com

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