Danzig Brings “Samhain” To NYC’s Best Buy Theater In November 2014

Now this should be exciting news for a lot of people because it appears as though Glen Danzig will be bringing his band Samhain to tour for a few select dates and one of these exclusive appearances will be at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on November 1st. Pretty cool huh? I think so.

Tour - Samhain - 2014

For those readers not in the know, Samhain was the band that Glen formed immediately after his tenure in The Misfits back in 1983 and they released a number of albums before he transformed this Death Rock project into his long running solo effort – the eponymously named “DANZIG”. Now I should admit that I never followed Danzig during this time but a few of the friends I had back during then did and loved it. I was okay with The Misfits back then but was leaning more towards things like KISS and Van Halen at this time and Punk outside of The Ramones was not really up my alley. That being said, I am very interested in seeing what this is all about because if I read this announcement correctly it is not a full on tour but instead only a select handful of dates in the East and West Coast markets. At the point of this writing I do not know who will be in the band with Glen and I mean will this be Doyle and Johnny Kelly or feature some of the legacy members of Samhain (Steve Zing, John Christ, Eerie Von etc.). If I find out more I will append the post.

These tickets will also go on sale on Friday July 18th at Noon so click HERE at that time so you get yourself into the show. I am guessing that this kind of appearance will sell out rather quickly.

Official Website: http://danzig-verotik.com/danzig/tour.html
Official Band Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samhain_%28band%29

There are a number of release to sink your fangs into by Samhain and I’ve embedded some links to Amazon.com for you to be able to check them out.

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